July 2023 Issue
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In this issue: Free Indeed - Podcast- Our Men
Dates to Remember- Prayer and Praise
Free Indeed!
Anna and her son Frankie
Hear From Anna!
Jesus and freedom go hand in hand for me. His plan for me to have a better life ended me in prison for the last time. He got my attention and when He did I didn't look back. Accepting Jesus into my heart and into my life, taking a knee to Him as Lord, gave me freedom from doing drugs ever again. It gave me the freedom from being someone I was not, and freedom from never seeing prison walls again. Now free from the person I use to be, I am free to serve and honor my Lord as His Daughter. Thank you, Jesus for my true freedom!!
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Daddy, Dad, Dada, Daaaad, Bruh!!!
Is Father’s Day a hard day for you? Maybe your dad isn’t around anymore or was never in the picture. Maybe you’re blessed enough to have a wonderful father in your life! Remember no matter what we have our Father in heaven that loves us unconditionally and has given us the spirit of adoption that we can call out Abba! Father!
What's Up With Our Men ❤️
What Happens when Authentic Godly
Men Gather!
Our Brothers for Christ (BFC) first breakfast of the season held an unexpected kind of joy and camaraderie that most did not expect.

Here we see some oldsters and then some newsters to BFC, and the combination made for not only a great time of discussion, laughter but people around them saying they were having way too much fun!

Who ever said following Christ was BORING? Not these guys! 😁

It is an amazing thing when God brings people to salvation, it is a miracle when the whole family begins to heal and transforms into what God intended for family and family leadership. This is the vision of BFF.

Here we have men pictured who not only attend BFF/BFC but are committed to living a life that now honors God and their families, preparing the next generation for wholeness and a love for God and service. GLORY!
BFF Needs:
We need backpacks!
If you can and are interested in donating backpacks by
August 1st please reach out debbieg@beyondfeartofreedom.org or feel free to donate on our website under
"Youth and Children"

Thank you for helping us to help others in need!
Especially our kiddos!
Prayer and Praises!
He who the Son sets
Free is Free INDEED.

Let's think about this for a moment.
For those of us who know Christ as Savior, He has liberated us from our guilt, shame, condemnation and the power of sin.

As LORD, He liberates us to live a life for His Glory. And that starts with sharing an intimate and beautiful relationship which He has always desired from His Kids. We then get to experience & understand the joy, and abundant life He has for us.

So even in the midst of hardship, worldly confusion, and the valleys of life, we are still FREE TO LIVE THE GOOD LIFE HE DIED FOR US TO HAVE.

So today, as we celebrate the treasure of freedom, do we indeed treasure it?

As for me and my house we will serve the LORD.
May that be so for each of us.

Freedom is a choice. Renew your mind, stand with your armor firmly fastened using each piece and fight that good fight of faith for joy set before you! The life Christ sacrificed for you to have.

We continue to pray over Misty, Colleen and now Connie who all have advanced stages of cancer.

We continue to pray over Adela and her awaiting double transplant.

Please continue to pray for my Dad as he is living with Lewy Body Disease.

Dennis continues to heal preparing for his next surgery.

We pray for Jake and Pherson that God continues to bring the prodigal home.

Debbie G. -Founder

For it is for Freedom that God
has set you Free!

All Glory to God Alone Forever and Ever - Amen!