Jim Morningstar shares breathing techniques to jumpstart yourself and your clients to greater self regulation and joy in daily life.
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Jim Morningstar offers you free inspirational videos on his You Tube Channel

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Free Inspirational Videos from Jim Morningstar
Free Inspirational Videos from 
Jim Morningstar
I offer free videos on my You Tube channel that give you insights on spirituality and psychology, techniq ues to heighten your awareness, aliveness and joy in living, inspirational meditations and more. As a subscriber you get updated information, practices and immed iate experience of elevated states of consciousness as we do many of the transformative techniques together on the video. 
As a practicing psychologist I have pioneered in life enhancement work since the 1970s, taught in many places around the world and am dedicated to the uplifting of our planetary consciousness. I love to share the best of what I have discovered in  my years as an author, seminar leader, therapeutic breathwork trainer and creator of holistic distance courses in lifelong learning, continuing education and degree programs. Subscribe to this free channel today and get videos delivered to you regularly and also have access to over 100 videos already posted.
Looking forward to exploring, expanding and fulfilling our life potential together.

Three Free Breathing Techniques to Enliven 
Your Life and Work 

Three Free Breathing Techniques
Jim Morningstar, PhD, originator of Therapeutic Breathwork, shares  three unique breathing techniques he has used to help jumpstart healing and growth with himself and his clients since the 1970s. To breathe is to live. How we breathe has a most profound influence on the quality of our lives. We breathe about 7 million breaths a year and the long-term effects of poor breathing are cumulative. Click on the link to sign up and receive the three free videos each demonstrating ways to enhance your vitality and more:               http://transformationsusa.com/registration.html                                                            
Become Certified in Therapeutic Breathwork
 August 13-17, 2017

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Come this  August 13-17, 2017  to Cedar Valley In Wisconsin for  a true body and soul renewal.  Learn to breathe fully and freely for personal transfor m ation and professional enhancement. Add a new set of internal skills and teach them to to others with confidence. 
Four Levels of Training  as a professional breathworker. Reserve your place now:
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