This time of year ushers in many transitions. School begins. Schedules change. Seasons shift.

In honor of this time of change, we will embrace the energy of Ganesh and draw upon it for inspiration for our practice over the coming weeks. Our theme for September is New Beginnings.

Starting something anew often requires clearing space and recognize the importance of a 'beginner's mind.' As we reconnect to the foundation of our practice – asana, breath, and mindfulness — we can harness the power of Ganesh to help us navigate these areas with wisdom and clarity.

To help set the stage for this coming focus, please join Kim tomorrow (Wed 9/9) for a complimentary session and introduction to Ganesh. 

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The Wisdom of Ganesh
Registration required. ZOOM Room link will be sent closer to the event.
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!
Join Kim for this complimentary introduction to the energy our practice will focus on in the coming weeks - Ganesha!
Using stories, mantra, and visualization to explore and connect to the energy known to clear obstacles, grant new perspectives, and guide us to recognize our strength and wisdom.

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