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Learn more about Food as Medicine and the positive
benefits of adding more plants, fruits and veggies
to your diet with presentations by leading doctors,
advocates and practitioners.

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Below are doctors and practitioners featured in the summit and whose work we regularly suggest listening to
as pioneering Food as Medicine experts.

Note: Each day you listen to, that has at least one Food as Medicine speaker, counts as one class = one coupon. No particular practice is being suggested, but we think you will find interesting, even thought-provoking ideas!

Wednesday, July 17th

Dr. Dean Ornish
World-renowed M.D., groundbreaking longevity research pioneer, advisor to two U.S Presidents.
Wednesday, July 17th

Dr. Joel Fuhrman
World-renowned M.D. & nutrition expert, 7-time NY Times bestselling author.
Friday, July 19th

Dr. Joel Kahn
World-famous cardiologist known as “America’s Healthy Doc”

Friday, July 19th

Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson
Inspiring researcher whose pioneering work has helped people shed 400,000 lbs collectively
Saturday, July 20th

Nick Polizzi​
Top Ancient & Indigenous Medicine Expert
Sunday, July 21st

Sayer Ji
Internationally respected researcher, founder of one of the world’s most trusted health sites
Sunday, July 21st

Jason Prall
Global longevity habits researcher, hit documentary filmmaker,  The Human Longevity Project
Monday, July 22nd

Dr. Pedram Shojai​
World-renowned Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Taoist priest, “Urban Monk,” and hit filmmaker
How to Earn Same Canoe Coupons
We ask you to select one or more learning videos to watch while you take a few notes and then post what you have learned online.

You will earn a $10 produce coupon for each episode
you listen to and report on!

For enrolled Same Canoe
members only. Must include a
Food as Medicine Speaker.


Questions to report back on, online:
1) Who was the presenter and what was their topic?

2) What did you learn about the value of adding more plants or fresh fruits
and vegetables to your diet or advances in health care?

3) If there was a discovery that changed the way you think about
Food as Medicine, please share.

4) How are your Same Canoe coupons helping you
change your diet and eat healthier?

Be sure to list each class date and speaker in your Same Canoe Passport on the Online
Learning Challenges page

Passports are due by
Sept. 1

Coupons will be issued during September. Add any previous online presentations you have watched and completed an online posting as your verifiable report.

*16 coupons maximum can be earned for SNAP members - or credited toward your Veggie Rx

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We have additional online learning planned for the Fall that earns additional coupons and enters you in drawings for local food prizes!