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November 13,  2012



We have planned an amazing online streaming event:


Priestesses of Rhythm: Past, Present, Future


Dec. 8 at 3pm EST
Livestreaming through Google+ Hangout 


I'll be giving a short slide presentation on the ancient frame drumming priestesses and telling the story of how the frame drum drew me to Brazil to discover the amazing music, dance and traditions of priestesses of candombl�.


Rosangela Silvestre will be joining us from Brazil to speak about the contemporary priestesses from the candombl� traditions in Bahia, Marguerite Rigoglioso speaking of Reawakening the Ancient Mediterranean Priestesshoods, Betty Lynn Schwab, who is dedicated to recapturing frame drumming for Christian worship today, Christine Stevens speaking of the healing power of rhythm, Rowan Storm speaking of spiritual traditions of Kurdish women frame drummers, Michelle Gould, an amazing astrologer on the heavenly aspects behind these traditions, Karen Tate of Voices of the Sacred Feminine and Miranda Rondeau on the frame drum and the sacred.


I'll going to talk about how I was drawn to Brazil and began filming the priests and priestesses who dance the gods and goddesses down to earth to the amazing drumming of candombl�.  And we'll be speaking about the process of completing this film, Ax� Orix� on these fantastic traditions.


Instructions for Viewers to see the livestream:


Step 1

At 2:50pm EST on Sat. Dec. 8, go here for the link


Step 2 
- Click link to 

Step 3 
- On her profile page, there will be a video posted for the hangout in progress, that will show "On Air" in a red ribbon.

Step 4 
- Click the Play button on the video to tune in to the hangout!

Step 5 
(Optional) - If you want to comment on the video, click the small youtube logo in the bottom right to open the video in youtube. You will then be able to comment on the hangout with others in real time.



Alternately, you can find the video through Layne's Youtube Channel, by becoming a subscriber (IF YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE PROFILE). Go subscribe now!!


Step 1 - Navigate to
Step 2 - Click Subscribe next to the name Layne Redmond (top left above video)
Step 3 - It should show up in her channel as a live streaming video.
Step 4 - Click play, and you should have the ability to comment if you are a Youtube user.


IF you can't make it On Dec. 8 at 3pm EST, DON'T WORRY, the livestream automatically archives to youtube and will be available to be viewed at any time on the channel.


We will be broadcasting continually from Brazil for the month of January and through the festival of Iemanja on Feb. 2.  If you've backed our kickstarter film Axe Orixa you will receive automatic updates of when we broadcast!

Oxun Goddess of Sweet Water


And I'm so very grateful to all of you who pledged support for my film:



315 backers have pledged $23,046! 


Ax?? Orix??: Dreaming Awake the Gods & Goddesses of Brazil, Oxumar??
Axe Orixa: Dreaming Awake the Gods & Goddesses of Brazil, The God/Goddess Oxumare

This is from the bonus disc which has all eight sessions of the drummers recording the candombl� classics for Ax� Orix�!  Only available by pledging!


We're raising money through Kickstarter, a crowd-funding platform that allows a large amount of people to contribute comfortably towards projects they believe in. It's supports the growth of ideas and the voice of the many, as opposed to just the voice of the money...and so we love it! Whatever you pledge will not be charged until December 16 when we hopefully successfully reach our goal.  


Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding so if we don't make it to $30,050 we get absolutely nothing and no one receives our fantastic rewards. 



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