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Issue: # 5 October 2011

Welcome to Starry Brook's October e-newsletter.  Please help me welcome Tracey Sukduang, LMT, a warm and talented massage therapist that has just joined our team.  We invite you to meet her and relax with a complimentary half-hour massage by Tracey.

We hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall colors and weather.   As a reminder, we are entering cold & flu season.  We strongly encourage stocking up on Vitamin C, Elderberry syrup and probiotics.  The past 2 years suppliers ran out of elderberry due to H1N1 infection rates.   


Learn more about Elderberry, influenza and H1N1 later this month.   



Dr. Robyn Conte, ND 

Winter Menu Planning
Pumpkin Pie
Eat in moderation!
Staying Trim Despite Holidays!
Hot cocoa, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes - I could go on with the number of warming, comforting foods we all delight in come Fall.  We are tempted at every corner with Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks and their pumpkin flavored coffee drinks.  But did you know a medium flavored coffee at Dunkin' packs (without added sugar, milk or soy) a whopping 170 calories  and 38 grams of carbs?  Here are some quick tips to reduce the calorie load during the holidays:
1. Exercise - especially important during the winter months for mood boosting, circulatory benefits, and allowing that occasional slice of pumpkin pie!
2. Straws - pack thin straws in your car & purse.  Fast food restaurant know that customers who use a larger straw tend to order larger drinks and drink them down faster.  Keep your money and your waistline by sipping slowly and through a thinner straw.
3. Plate - use a smaller plate.  People who ate off smaller plates tended to eat less calories and felt equally as full as their large plate counterparts.
4. Vegetarian - try to make one full day a vegetarian day.  If this is too challenging, start with one meal.  Be aware that most "fudge" a good veggie meal by loading it with cheese.  Don't make that mistake - try reviewing recipes by Deborah Madison.  She makes vegetarianism delicious.
5. Vitamin D - as we loose sunshine, our mood tend to go with it.  Vitamin D plays a large role in mood (as well as immune system).  If you are happy, you will tend to eat a meal appropriate for your size.
6. Drinks - watch the Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks and adult beverages.  They're often loaded with unnecessary sugar, alchohol and calories.  If you must imbibe, be sure to chase your drink with a full glass of water.    


Welcome Tracey Sukduang!
Tracey Sukduang is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in New Hampshire and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).  Tracey graduated from Hesser College in Portsmouth, NH.  

Tracey ensures each patient at Starry Brook has a massage experience that leaves their body and mind relaxed, rejuvenated and in harmony.  She strongly believes in the healing benefits of massage through the "power of touch."   She incorporates aromatherapy into her practice, using only the highest grade essential oils.  Aromatherapy can help relieve a variety of symptoms including stress and anxiety. 

"I enjoy helping each client gain a healthier self one massage at a time"  

Starry Brook Natural Medicine, LLC (Starry Brook) is a naturopathic family practice. Starry Brook was founded in 2010 as a primary care clinic with a mission to provide safe, sensible and effective medicine for the entire family.

For more information about Starry Brook, please visit

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If you'd like more information about the topics in this newsletter, or to schedule an appointment, please call (603) 583-5181 or book your appointment (day or night!) online on our website by selecting the "Book Now!"

Complimentary 1/2 hour massage
Tracey is excited to share her talent with Starry Brook patients.  Be sure to book your massage before November 15th to receive your complimentary treatment.  Feel free to add it before or after IV therapy or an acupuncture session.


Offer Expires: November 15th, 2011
Save 15%
Pleased with our services?  Refer a new patient to Starry Brook, and receive 15% off of your next visit or purchase of supplements.  Discount excludes IV therapy and cannot be combined with other promotions.  Be sure to have your referral mention your name so that we can notate your account.


Offer Expires: never.  We always appreciate a referral from our patients.