Dear Neighbors –

Are you regularly exposed to CoVid in your work or home life?  Do you work in:

• health care – either as ancillary or clinical staff
• the grocery, food or hospitality industry 
• municipal government 
• postal service
• driving or delivery service
• your home, caring for a sick family member

Or do you simply find yourself overwhelmed by your experience of fear or vulnerability?

Crossings Healing and Wellness is committing resources to facilitate connection between Mental Health providers and front-line, service industry workers who are in daily exposure to CoVid. Our program is modeled after one in NYC and will provide free tele-health therapy sessions with volunteer providers between now and July 1, 2020. 

We are aware that CoVid may be consuming your peace of mind. We want to be of service to you, and to the welfare of our community.

If you are you finding yourself experiencing unmanageable fear over your health or the health of loved ones, noting changes in your sleep or eating patterns, difficulty concentrating, a worsening of chronic health problems, challenges at home, or an increased use of substances such as alcohol - this program may be for you.  

There's probably never been a more important time in history for us to stay connected while being physically apart. There is a great danger in the CoVid pandemic, and there is also an opportunity to experience a sense of world-wide connection and care – care that transcends the disparities we see so clearly now in America’s health care system. Our lives are indeed in each other’s hands. When we care for one, we care for all.

Please fill out this form , and we will send you the contact information of 3 therapists who have volunteered to help someone just like you. 

Be well,

Your neighbors at Crossings