June 12, 2017

"Few men have virtue to withstand 
the highest bidder."  
--George Washington, 1 st U.S. President
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Free full length movie on Creation. Take the family!  Troy, Tuesday night 6/13/2017
Part Time Legislature Proposal stinks! 31,000 Scientsist: Climate Change Hoax; 
Admitted National Security leaks for political purposes, including former FBI Director Comey; one arrested. 
Two largest Solar Companies declare bankruptcy despite hundred of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, a Obama tariffs that increases Chinese solar equipment 35% in price. 
Raid on Dearborn duplex of Huma Abadene's brother and sister - after Hilary's missing emails? 

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   MCU's MiCPAC was a HUGE success. More than 40 new groups were represented, and many new members received their pins.   MCU's Board met in Northville, Michigan last Saturday and worked on strategies to make Mivhigan's conservative movement as efficient and effective as possible. Our Annual Board meeting will be in Plainwell July 8. There will be some new Directors selected from among members as we broaden our base. Officers will be chosen for the next year. Principles and By-laws will be reviewed and our Objectives management system updated. New Committees will be formed and leadership trained. Members are kept informed, have first option to events, and discounts to MCU events. Please join MCU to enable us to do even more to assure our freedoms and liberty. A form is at the end of the Newsletter and a link or two within, to join on line. THANKS! 

The federal government should "avoid the slightest interference with the rights of conscience or the functions of religion, so wisely exempted from civil jurisdiction."  James Madison, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1809 

"Accept challenges so you can feel the exhilaration of victory."   Gen. George S. Patton  
Government Investigations - the political way of delaying, obfuscating, 
 and burying what you really do not want voters to know - Link 
The truth is, there is no truth?  The Psychology of Postmodernism   ISI Link

Capitalism Cures Povert   Video

Tomorrow night Free Film !  6/13/2017 - Troy, Mi. Bring the Family!

Conservatives - GREAT PLANS ARE PROCEEDING!   Wise strategy and excellent tactics will direct  our efforts to opportunities in this relentless effort to make the USA and Michigan free, with limited government, lower taxes, and more rights for our familied and future generations. Governments are growing and stifling We The People. 
We must step up efforts to get  our arguments out there, limited and cogent and aimed at precise targets.   Make a difference! JOIN THE MCU TEAM: CLICK HERE
One way we have effectively organized is by the use of Citizen Task Forces.
A typical task force meets in person about six times over a six month period to 
study issues and propose conservative policies and solutions. We are looking at inviting panels on Energy and Health Care, and additional sessions on Education (Phase V) and  Property Rights (Phase II). Participants pay their own expenses. They are expected to  bring experience and expertise on the subject, a commitment to conservative governance, and the ability and willingness to donate time and work in a collegial group atmosphere. Meetings are well organized and of limited duration, typically 90 minites and usually in Lansing. Additional phone or subcommittee meetings are sometimes used. 
If you are interested, please email micpac.hughes@gmail.com with vitae or bio.

June 1 raid on Dearborn home of Huma Abedine's brother and sister may have recovered Hillary's lost emails?

++ Bail Denied; Leaker pledged to Taliban and "burn the White House Down"  Link    (Thanks, Felix)

++ Security Leaks - Contractor arrested -  Reality Winner, the 25-year-old federal contractor charged with leaking top secret information to the media, has a long social media trail of liberal political posts and is a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders.
   Winner also hates President Donald Trump, once posting that the president is a "piece of s***" over his moves to stop protests against the Dakota Access pipeline. Her social media posts have included #notmypresident as well as calls to #resist over Trump's environmental policies as well as DAPL.
   Winner also is a former Air Force linguist who speaks Middle East languages Pashto, Farsi and Dari,  More
++  31,000 Scientists agree "Climate Change" is a hoax. 
   So does this scientist who created the Weather Channel. Yes, the climate changes, seasonally and even hourly in Michigan. There is no significant man-created climate change - has not been, is not, will not be. The government spends $2.5 Billion a year in climate research. The money is only given to "scientists" who will report the government's demand that there is climate change and government must change it. 
   Climate is God's purview. One hiccup from the Sun or a volcano has more influence in a day than mankind since the beginning. MORE
++ Al Gore - Paris Accord will not solve (alleged) climate problem: Link

++ Largest US Solar Panel Maker (actually a German company) goes bankrupt after $206 Million in subsidies.   This comes after another US Manufacturer went bankrupt in April,. Both blamed Chinese manufacturers with lower prices even after Obama imposed a 35% tariff.   Link

++ Silicon Solar collectors will never be economically viable Scientists and engineers have been trying to squeeze profitable energy out of silicon solar cells for 62 years.   What they're starting to realize is... as you'll see in a moment... that's never going to happen.  When it comes to extracting energy from the sun - profitably - silicon is just not up to the task.  Unfortunately, as things stand today, 90% of the world's solar cells are made from silicon.  
    Thousands of researchers have spent decades trying to squeeze every last drop of power out of it... But even the  best  solar module conversion efficiency ratings from the  biggest  providers like SolarCity, SunPower and FirstSolar are in the 20% range.   That means they only convert 20% of the sun's light they absorb in to electricity.  One day soon... The world will look back and remember silicon solar cells as a failed experiment... A technology that was stretched to its scientific limits... until it snapped.  Billions upon billions in government subsidies wasted. Dreams of a renewable energy revolution unfulfilled.         
   Silicon must be mined. That takes heavy equipment and energy. Then it must be transported, requiring more - not unlike coal energy. Making silicon solar collectors takes a great deal or energy in massive furnaces, and significant amounts of rare metals, gses and chemcals. 
   Today, solar is a $75.2 billion a year global market...BUT it's so inefficient that the industry has been propped up by $101 billion a year in subsidies.  WE ARE NOT ENDORSING THIS COMPANY OR TECHNOLOGY, AND ARE SKEPTICS, BUT GIVE TH IS  Link   as a  source of info on solar technology and why we should not rely upon it or subsidize it. LET THE MARKET DECIDE when and how to deliver energy.

++ Official Resigns after blaming Flint Water Crisis on "N****rs Who Don't Pay Their Bills -  Phil Stair resigned   as sales manager of the Genesee County Land Bank, the bank's executive director, Michele Wildman, told MLive on Monday.  
   After the 2014 switch, the city's water plant failed to properly treat the more toxic water under orders from state officials, causing lead from old pipes to leach into city water.
  Michigan Gov.  Rick Snyder  (R) did not acknowledge the crisis  until late in 2015 , after experts found that there was a  sharp increase  in the number of children with elevated lead levels in their blood. There's no safe exposure level for lead, a harmful neurotoxin that can affect brain development.  More

The "Sustainable Development" mantra has permeated our cities, counties and townships 
as international schemers and politicians pass down their fear and ever increasing demands: 
Wikipedia's definition

According to alarmists, if the USA were to pull out of the Paris Accord the World Temperature might rise 0.3 degrees C in the next 83 years.  Link  Really? YAWN! There is no way their computer models can reliably conclude that, nor do they have mechanisms to measure that small a change over a century. The USA produces less than 18% of the World's industrial carbon emissions. To hinge such HUGE regulations and costs on such a tenuous "science" is truly reckless. 

What they really want is zero emissions."The agreement requires the world to wean  itself off of fossil fuels by the middle of the century," said Alden Meyer, the director of strategy and policy of the Union of Concerned Scientists. "We have to get to net zero of greenhouse gases by 2060 or so. That can be through a combination of reducing emissions and increasing uptake of carbon dioxide by forests and agriculture by natural syncs. There is no way to meet this goal without phasing out fossil fuels over that time."   Link

If you eliminate all humans that would not be achieved. And if it were, the Planet would die. Flora needs fauna, and needs carbon emissions to survive.. 

++  Paris Climate Deal Would Kill 6 Million American Jo bs -  
Rand Paul: 
I think it would be terrible for our country. We have the potential of losing 6 million jobs and it would cost $3 trillion. Really, I don't think President Obama had the right to do it. He did it by himself without the approval of Congress. One of the problems we have in government is we let one person have so much power that he could do something that could cost 6 million jobs and nobody gets to vote on it-I think that's outrageous. It kind of looks like a treaty. If it's a treaty, it should come to the Senate and be passed. But I think President Trump has the ability and he indicated during the campaign that he wanted to get rid of and get out of the Paris accord so we hope we will. We have introduced a resolution to send it to the president to encourage him to get out of the Paris accord. 
(thanks, Nick)

++ The Federal ENLIST Act, H.R. 60 which would grant amnesty to illegal aliens  who came to the United  States on or prior to December 31, 2012, who were 15 years old or younger upon arrival and would be otherwise eligible to join our armed services.
   The Bill is specifically targeted to those children, illegals, who left Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala using the coyotes as guides during President Obama's administration. President Obama allowed the importation of young individuals who have a propensity toward illicit gang behavior. Any legislation that grants amnesty for illegal aliens is a reward for violating the law, for whatever reason, at any age, passage of H. R. 60 only encourages more people to break the law and risk their lives to come to the U.S. illegally. Passage of H.R. 60 is a bad idea. If there was a Bill allowing legal immigrants to expedient citizenship by joining our military for 3 years I would co-sponsor the Bill. Op-ed by former Michigan Congressman Kerry Bentivolio  Here

++  Off FB:
Joe Verran The top 10 things we learned from Comey Testimony: 
  1. Trump was never under investigation
  2. Trump did not obstruct justice
  3. Trump did not collude with Russia
  4. Russia did not alter the election outcome
  5. Comey leaked his own memo.
  6. Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to cover for Hillary Clinton. 
  7. There was ample evidence to put Hillary in jail but Comey chose not to pursue it. 
  8. CNN and other fake news outlets have been lying / making things up this entire time. 
  9. The Democratic Party no longer has the ability to scream "RUSSIA" every time Trump tries to do something. 
  10. The Russia story is dead - any democrats who continue to push it will look foolish and insane to the American people
Tom Stillings    -  Just a short note to all those Sanctuary City aficionados who have trouble figuring out whether or not state and local government entities are required to uphold federal law: Please read Article Vl of the US Constitution. Thank you
Tamyra Lynn Murray -  Hey Comey you are the one that made the FBI in disarray and yes you are a liar

In Michigan
++ Several MCU members participated in rallies Saturday opposed to Sharia Law.  
It is astounding how the media misrepresents their meaning and intents. Sharia Law requires the subjegation, tax or murder of "infidels - those who are not Muslims. Sharia Law allows "honor killings" requires a rape victim to produce four male first-hand witnesses. If the witnesses cannot be produced, the rape victim can be stoned to death. Women cannot be in the company of males who are not immediate members of her family. From dress code to hair stylesm, to prohibitions on education and driving, women are treated lower than second class citizens. The male can take four wives. The female is subject to mutilation of sexual organs, even sewed up until marriage. And still many in the left-wing women's movement side with radical Islam causes. 
   There are so many provisions in Sharia law that contrast with our Constitutional rights. It is RIGHT to stand for our Constitution and laws. Separation of state and specific religions is a fundamental founding principle. Being pro-Constitution is not necessarily anti-Islam. Many of the Islam faith come here for our freedoms. Let them stand with us to support our liberties and freedoms! 

++ State Senator Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) has formed a committee to run for Governor.   Detroit News Article   Here is his:  Web Site   Facebook Page  Another Page

++ A new Part Time Legislature proposal is being hyped  by Lt. Gov. Brian Calley. Timing is suspect with his expected campaign for Governor. In truth, we have not totally evaluated the proposal. Of course we want a part-time legislature, but at this time we do not want to be used by a Calley campaign. We might have to rise above that if the PTL campaign gets legs. 
   Calley's support for numerous tax and regulation increases, and for Medicaid expansion, are very contrary to conservative and Republican principles. They have taken Michigan in the wrong direction. Despite the huge boost for the Michigan economy from our 2012 Freedom To Work laws, the economy lags and real non-government jobs are not adequate to boost Michigan's economy or population. Too much government chokes economic development. The Laffer Curve works. 
  Economist Patrick Anderson of Anderson Economic Group posed a few questions to duscuss the varacity of the Calley PTL proposal. Brian Calley responded to a few of the questions. We do not have space in this issue to put the entire discussion out, but will stimulate your thinking by posing some of Patrick's questions:
  1. What is the relationship between legislator and public school teacher pay? What will it be 25 years from now? Should we tie the two together? 
  2. Have you thought through the diminishment of legislative power and expansion of executive power this would cause? Do you desire this, or disagree with this as a natural consequence?
  3.  Are you sure the answer on the website regarding legislator salaries is correct?
  4. Are you concerned that a future legislature would be so weak under this proposal that a substantial number of seats could be vulnerable to being "bought" or heavily influenced?
  5. Are 401K and other DC contributions (which are immediately vested) prohibited under this amendment ?
  6. What do you say to those who think this is an effort to undermine term limits?
    More in the next issue. There are MANY provisions in the Constitution and law that might be effected by this proposal. What are YOUR questions?
   One portion of the Calley proposal we have digested is pinning legislator salaries to teacher salaries. The premise is that teachers work 180 days, so a legislature that works 90 days should be paid 1/2 of what a teacher gets paid. WRONG! for a number of reasons.
  Pinning legislator salaries to teachers pay is archaic, in fact bizarre. Teachers average pay is about $65k a year, about $83k with benefits, but varies from about $32k to more than $100k. 180 days is about 720-900 hours of class contact. To most Michigan workers - making perhaps 2/3rds that of a teacher, 900 hours is less than 1/2 of the hours they work each year. At $80k it is about $100 an hour. That is about 5x (500%) what the typical Michigan worker makes. Pretty outrageous for a worker who cannot prove competence and results. Some teachers are far better, far more accomplished, far more committed and competent that some of our legislators. Some have invested years in education and training for their jobs.   
   Maybe we pay 1st year legislators 1/2 the salary of 1st year teachers? In the 2nd or 3rd term, 1/2 the average pay of a similarly experienced teacher? Perhaps 1/2 the salary of the private sector teachers? 
To pin it to a teachers salary is a conflict of interest, as legislators effect teacher compensation. 
They give themselves a raise by continuing to blow out public expenditures on education. 

How about 1/4th the pay of the typical Michigan private sector worker? 
That way their incentive is to boost private sector jobs and income - what a novel concept! 

   Maybe we pay them 1/3 or 1/4 of their private sector income up to a maximum? Should state legislator be the pinnacle of a person's career? Should it be so attractive that they serve out of greed rather than commitment to those who elect them? The government typically does not take a person making $30k and start them in government at $90k. They need to justify the pay and it depends in part, upon their previous income just as in the private sector.  
   As you know if you have been reading the results from our Education Task Force, we really appreciate great teachers but recognize the "collective" drags down great teachers. We fundamentally disagree with the results we are getting for public funds expended. 
  Michigan is 41st in quality in a Nation that is 34th in quality in the World. The Governor's 21st Century task force reported results are declining. Typically, they want more money to double down on the same failures. 
  We object to $14k+ a year in Michigan public school student spending for 41st in quality when 2nd (Tennessee) does so much better on 38% less public money per student. Indiana is ranked 3rd in quality at 18% less per student per year. Florida is ranked 6th in quality at 29% less per pupil per year. Michigan does not have a good record of the money getting to the classroom so it is not all the teachers' fault. The whole system of letting a collective whip-say public policies needs to be addressed.  
  We are concerned a 5th grader in Weisbaden gets 50% more instructional hours than one in Michigan public schools. In ,most of Eorupe and the Orient where education is better, they educate more hours - sometimes in facilities 600 years old. Our whole focus on education is wrong!
  American greatness is not sustainable and we are not going to have quality competitive schools if we keep keep an 800 hour year. SO, if we end uo with a 1200 hour year, will teachers make more? Will that automatically increase legislator compensation? 
++ Doctor using Direct Care saves patients lots of moneyDr. Paul Thomas, who runs the Plum Health Clinic in Detroit, might just have a plan to revolutionize healthcare -- it's called Direct Care. Thomas said everyone needs health insurance in case of catastrophic illness or injury, but he quickly added, "Basic healthcare outside a hospital is actually low cost."
   When was the last time "low cost" and "healthcare" showed up in the same sentence? A hospital test for cholesterol can cost $120; Thomas charges $6.50. A month's supply of Prilosec costs about $17 at the pharmacy, Thomas' clinic members pay 96 cents for the same prescription.
   "The more money the insurance companies touch, the more that sticks to their hands," Thomas said. Thomas argues that Direct Care removes the profit-takers between your dollars and your doctor, and makes affordable healthcare a reality. Article

++ Project Kirk is designed as a series of continuing education lessons on Conservatism, so that we might better understand, educate and replicate conservative principles. Please consider these as a regular part of meeting agendas for any philosophical or political group you are with. 

TODAY: 3 Reasons Every College Student Should Read Friedrich Hayek - 

1. Friedrich Hayek was perhaps the most influential intellectual defender of freedom in the twentieth century.  That claim may strike you as brash given the many conservative and libertarian heroes: Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Milton Friedman, William F. Buckley, Ronald Reagan, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, among others. Yet none of them, with the possible exception of Milton Friedman, had Hayek's intellectual chops and wide-ranging influence.
2. Hayek developed piercing and enduring critiques of large-scale government programs and planning-critiques that are as relevant today as they were in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s
His criticism of socialism and government planning can be broken into two categories: knowledge problems and incentive problems. Hayek, along with Ludwig von Mises, was one of the major participants in the Socialist Calculation Debate in the 1920s and 1930s. The initial criticisms, in a nutshell, were that central planners could not possibly have enough information to plan the economy and that in a planned economy there is little incentive for people to work hard or to innovate.

3. Hayek had deep insights into how markets and societies flourish through experimentation and decentralization under free institutions
Incentives created by coercion are relevant to more than just dictatorships. Hayek also wrote extensively about the uses and abuses of coercion in free societies. In his book The Constitution of Liberty, Hayek argues that coercion reduces both the knowledge that can be used by society and how much experimentation can take place, because coercion involves replacing the will of individual citizens with the will of the ruler. This nullifies citizens' agency and prevents them from using their local knowledge effectively. Hayek argues that laws should allow citizens to pursue their own plans as much as possible. The "rule of law" means that laws are known, general, equally applicable to all people, and predictable. Much of our current legislation violates Hayek's ideal by directing individual citizens and companies in both their goals and their means of attaining those goals.   Link
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