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Tag lead times remain an issue and it's never been more important to order early and leave plenty of time.

Border closures and lockdowns in major centres continue to leave tag factories under staffed and delivery companies stretched.

Lead times in factories do vary but remain overall a problem. Transport delivery times have increased and you really don't want to find yourself without tags. Whether you're going to need NLIS, Management, Fly or tissue sampling tags please plan ahead.

You should receive regular emails and text messages from us. It's never our intention to hassle you only to keep reminding you what's available and when to order. We are the only company who deliver every brand and every option, directly to your property Nationwide.

I often hear the words "Oh I didn't know you did weigh scales and readers too!" Why not check out our other solutions too.
Lastly, this month we're giving away FREE Applicators! It's a good time to get that spare pair or try a different brand.

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NLIS Cattle Tag Focus
FOFIA Generic
Buy 100 get 25 Free!
That familiar design is the FOFIA generic NLIS tag.
High quality and exceptional performance.

Now Great Value!

Our exclusive offer gives you 25 tags FREE with every 100 ordered.

Suits Fofia Universal and most similar Applicators
NEW Improved
Leader Envirotag
The NEW Envirotag is NLIS accredited and performs better than ever.

Easy to apply with the new snap action applicator. An ideal solution for large operations.

Suits the Std Deluxe and Snap Action Two Piece Applicators.
Allflex, The Trusted Market Leader
Quality and reliability is never under estimated.
Available in tray packs with matching visual tags or tissue sampling units.

Every option and NLIS accredited since the beginning.

Suits Universal, Identiplier and Ultra-Matic Alfllex Applicators.
Enduro Twin Pin NLIS Tag
With a unique "Double Pin" attachment system and an NLIS device specifically designed for rugged Australian conditions.

It's Australian made applicator is large, durable and easy to use on even the thickest of ears.

Suits Enduro Double Pin Applicators
NEW Agri-ID Slim Tag (from Datamars)
NEW! The Agri-ID Slim tag design allows aeration around the back of the tag for rapid wound healing.

A lower cost solution from the Datamars (Zeetag) stable. Fast and easy application every time.

Suits Agri-ID Universal Applicators.
Zeetag NLIS Tag
Designed to be loaded in any way into the Z2 no tear tagger without the risk of damaging the chip on application, fast & easy application.

Also available Tray packed with Zeetag Management one piece or two piece tags in sequence.

Suits Z2 No Tear Tagger Applicators.
Also may be of interest.....
Zeetag Tray Packing
ZeeTag Matching Manual Tray Packing of Tags offers an especially produced tray populated with tags of corresponding numbers in an easy to use set.

Available for NLIS tags with one piece or two piece management tags.
mOOvement GPS Tags $43.00
Get Started with 25 GPS tags, know where your animals are and monitor water levels.

Order today and get started in 2 weeks time with the very latest technology.

Allflex Feedlot Tags
One piece feedlot tags are available in both original and A-Tag self piercing versions.

The widest variety of colours and clear marking for a quality long term solution.

All applicators and spares also available.
Bayer Insecticide Cattle Tags. Buffalo Fly Control
All Bayer Fly tag brands plus applicators, pins and knives.

Everything you need for the fly control.
Ask about our price match guarantee.

Y-Tex Tick, Fly & Lice Control. Tags & Wipes
All Y-Tex tag brands plus applicators, pins and knives.

Everything you need for fly, tick & lice control on cattle & horses.

Special Tags!
Print anything on any size and colour tag.

We can help with artwork and logo's. Tags for B&S, Branding, Special events, Promotions or just for fun.

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