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First, some NEWS TO CELEBRATE from Paul Herscu ND, MPH:

After nearly a full year, we have finally published the first rigorous study that uses a homeopathic nosode as a potential preventive measure in Covid-19 in over 2,000 subjects. This multi-arm placebo controlled pilot study is now being followed up by a larger clinical trial:
Talele G, Vaidhya S, Chowdhary A, Herscu P, Shah R.Homeopathy. 2021 Sep 30. 
On another front, we published an exhaustive review of peer-reviewed published literature describing the drug-herb interaction axis:
Babos MB, Heinan M, Redmond L, Moiz F, Souza-Peres JV, Samuels V, Masimukku T, Hamilton D, Khalid M, Herscu P. Medicines. 2021 Aug 5;8(8):44.

These two studies continue our main interest and work, to articulate the right treatment for the right person, at the right time, at the right dose.

Other Evidenced-based Research in Classical Homeopathy
Free Mini-Series: begins October 21st

This series is relevant for everyone interested in homeopathy and all are welcome!
The New England School of Homeopathy is excited to offer a special presentation of Countdown to NESH 2022 with Amy Rothenberg ND and Paul Herscu ND, MPH as a lead up to our 150 Hour Online Develop Expertise in Homeopathy Course starting February 2022.

Think of this Countdown mini-series as a way to sample the vitalistic tradition of homeopathy and as an introduction to analysis using Cycles and Segments. Get a sense of what we teach & how we do it.

This seven part series comes to you via email every other week starting October 21 and will contain written and/or video selections to highlight the heart of homeopathy and its power and efficacy in practice.

Interested in furthering your understanding of homeopathy or improving your clinical skills?
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February 2022 through September 2023
Reap the Benefits of ONLINE learning for the first time in NESH’s 32-year history!

  • Participate from anywhere in the world without the time and expenses required to travel
  • Flexibly work through the materials on-demand at your own pace while still enabling you to be part of a supportive community AND enjoy live Q&A Sessions
  • Immerse yourself in a course geared towards the naturopathic community, taught by naturopathic physicians with 70+ years cumulative experience of integrating constitutional homeopathy into their practice, while still being 100% relevant to those outside the ND community – all are welcome!
  • More class hours than our typical 8 Weekend West Coast NESH Course, allowing for the opportunity to hear and engage with overall course theory and specific materia medica in greater breadth and depth
  • Complete the course sequentially without having to make up missed weekends at a future date
  • Purchase highly discounted homeopathic repertory software available only to our students (a savings of over $1000)
  • Full-time students, 2021 graduates, and full-time medical school residents automatically qualify for scholarship equaling approximately half tuition costs

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