More Opportunities for Parents

Dear parents,

As a follow-up to this week's Wednesday News, here are some additional opportunites to connect with other parents while attending FREE online workshops. We encourage you to explore any or all of these options.

The first is TOMORROW hosted by Vanessa Callaghan, a frequent and favorite speaker at VMS, to help navigate meltdowns with confidence . It's one of her most popular workshops and especially appropriate during our current environment.

The second is a podcast by Common Sense Media with practical parenting tips to help navigate these not so normal times.

The third is a virtual discussion about parenting during the pandemic hosted by Blackhawk Family Development Center and Dr. Mazzola which is next Wednesday. You can join the discussion or just listen.

Both Vanessa's and Dr Mazzola's require a quick sign up so you can receive the links to join the call. See below for details on each.

Be well!
Parent Trapped by Common Sense is here.
Many of us at Common Sense are working parents at home with our families. As we talked about how we were all coping, we realized what we really wanted was a way to capture candid stories, recommendations, and tips for maintaining some semblance of "normal" in these very not-normal times.
So, we decided to launch a podcast, which we're calling Parent Trapped. Each episode will feature interviews with experts and tips on everything from making learning at home more fun to finding movies and shows the whole family can enjoy.
The first episode of Parent Trapped is live now.
Happy listening,
Jill Murphy
Valley Montessori School
1273 N Livermore Ave Livermore CA 94551