Free speech empowers our democracy.

The freedom to speak openly without fear is a fundamental right. Debate based on mutual respect is what allows Canada to flourish. 

And these principles are under attack.

Protection from discrimination has now come to mean protection from being offended.

Governments are afraid to wish us a “Merry Christmas” and the Liberals are changing the lyrics of O Canada because its current form isn’t “politically correct.”  

Soon we will be forced to use made-up pronouns like “hir”, “ze”, “ver”, ‘xemself’, ‘perself’ and other strange, invented words to address members of the transgendered community or face fines and penalties. 

In a Toronto SUN article published in November, the Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission said: “Refusing to address a trans person by their chosen name and a personal pronoun that matches their gender identity, or purposely misgendering, is discrimination...A tribunal or court may order financial or other remedies.”

I recently met with University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson, a vocal critic of the growing prohibitions on free speech. On forced speech, Dr. Peterson has said: “I think the fact that no one’s commented on it is an indication of how even for conservatives, especially in Canada, this demand for orthodoxy has gone so far that even Conservatives are afraid to be conservative.”

Not anymore. 

The Liberal’s Bill C-16 proposes to add “gender identity and expression” to the same laws that govern racism.  

Enough is enough.  

As Conservative leader and Prime Minister, if it passes into law, I will repeal Bill C-16 and empower Parliament to review all speech laws to ensure they properly balance freedom of speech and reasonable limits. 

Dr. Peterson strongly supports my proposals, and said: “There is a big difference between free speech and forced speech. It is wrong to jail someone for holding different attitudes or beliefs, or for simply refusing to use specific words on demand in a free society. The last thing we need are more laws forcing Canadians to use specific, made-up words ‘on demand’ or face penalties.”

Join me in standing for free speech, not forced speech. 

If you agree with me, then your support is needed. 

Canada is already a safe space. 

Help me free our speech by donating today and registering to support me for the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.