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West Village Parents is Moving
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Many of you got the email from Big Tent that they are closing at the end of 2018. Since January, we have been planning a long-overdue move to Club Express.

The new website and new custom app will have many more features, giving members more comprehensive local resources info, and easier ways to find each other to meet up.

Please bear with us through this transition. All memberships will be transferred over to the new website.
Cool off in free NYC pools
Want all the details about how to use our free local pool next to Leroy Park and even sign up for free baby swim classes?

Free weekly animal encounters at Jefferson Market Library
Every Tuesday in July, 3:30-4:30 at Jefferson Market Library

Junior Zoologist: Young naturalists will have the opportunity to discover how to be kind, gentle and respectful towards animals and the environment in this unique program. Have up-close encounters with live animal guests such as a frog, lizard, turtle, chicken and hamster!

Experience the wonders of nature through observational drawing, investigating animal adaptations, exploring different habitats, figuring out food chains and discovering what pets need to stay happy and healthy! 

Presented by The Art Farm in the City

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