Debbie Dadey, Children's Author

Issue # 123 - January 2019

Are you ready for Multicultural Children's Book Day on January 25th? It's a great time to take a look at our book collections to see if they reflect the world around us. I've been profoundly touched by a young woman who wrote to me about her daughter and her challenges as a little person. The only books for kids seem to make fun of her. I think all young people deserve to see someone like themselves in a story. That's one reason I strive to make my books contain what some call 'soft diversity', where we don't dwell on our differences we just are! You can find out more about the day here and on Twitter at the #ReadYourWorld hashtag.
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Happy reading and writing, Debbie
World Read Aloud Day is February 1st!
Not content to read aloud to seven different schools (Skype and live) on World Read Aloud day, I've enlisted the help of five DAR members to read at a local school. It's going to be a READING FRENZY!
     Hope you'll find a way to read aloud. It's amazing how much joy it will bring to you and to kids! Here are some great tips. Find out more about this international event here and at the hashtag #WRAD and @LitWorld. Here's the read aloud expert, Jim Trelease with some facts to help us talk up the importance of reading aloud.
     If you'd like to Skype with me on April 29th, I have some time available. Contact me here.
Hope you'll join me in Sevierville, TN for two fun events:
King Family Public Library-I'll be chatting about my writing
life and all 
 are welcome to this free event on Feb. 11th at 6:00.
Rose Glen Literary Festival-I'll be autographing along with area writers on Feb. 23rd. The event is free, but lunch with speaker Robert Beatty is $20. Robert wrote Serafina (about the Biltmore). Luncheon tickets available by calling 865-453-6411. Let's sit together!

While you're here, hope you'll hike a trail in the Great Smoky Mountains or jog over to visit the Biltmore, I plan to do both this year!
Favorites from social media:

I recently found out about an idea concocted by the amazing Media Specialist at Arrowhead Elementary in Virginia Beach. She came up with a way to connect readers and authors, but it snowballed into so much more!
     Find out about the We Connect program in this article, by following the hashtag #WeConnect or by following Kellee on Twitter. Kellee was nice enough to let me participate and I've received some fabulous letters from her students. Perhaps you'd like to start a similar program where you live to spark reading excitement. 
The fastest way to contact me is here. I'm still hoping to be your school's
Author for Earth Day. Let's chat and I'll do a big discount for your school.