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It only comes once a year, and it is one of our favorite days of the year! As always, there are a wealth of free product coming to you from participating stores. Take a look at some of the highlights below!
One of our favorite days arrives on June 16th. Free RPG Day 2018 will bring a wealth of goodies to participating stores everywhere, and this year Goodman Games is once more at the forefront of the movement.

For a full list of stores, visit the Free RPG Day 2018 page and check out the list on their site. If you are looking for a store near you that is running DCC events specifically, you can check the list of registered events at Sanctum Secorum.

Now check out the details on the Goodman Games releases for Free RPG Day 2018 below!
New DCC Quick Start Rules and a brand new Fifth Edition Fantasy release!

This year Goodman Games is proud to release an updated version of our Quick Start Rules for Dungeon Crawl Classics . This year’s Quick Start Rules includes all the rules you need to play a  DCC RPG  game from level 0 through level 2, as well as an all-new adventure! “ Man-Bait for the Soul Stealer ” is a level 2 adventure by Terry Olson.

Additionally, you can look for Fifth Edition Fantasy #14: Beneath the Keep , a brand new level 1 adventure written by Chris Doyle. This all-new  D&D 5E  adventure module includes new magic items, a new spell, and is ready to play right now!
Great new releases for a great event!

We’ve got a plethora of product hitting stores this week, with a little bit of everything for everyone! And it will be in stores just in time for Free RPG Day! So, when you stop by this Saturday to pick up your FREE Goodman Games releases, you can also pick up these great new products! Everything from the first wave or releases for one of our most anticipated new releases—that would be  Mutant Crawl Classics —to a great new  DCC  module, to two—that’s TWO—new  Fifth Edition Fantasy  modules!

Available this week:

Special releases only available at your FLGS!

Did you know there are some Goodman Games items that can ONLY be purchased in stores? That’s right, we have always supported retailers and we continue to offer items that can’t be purchased in our online store! These are special releases that can only be picked up at an online store! 

Look for the Goodman Games Treasure Chests , filled with content at a great discount rate, and for DCC #92.5: Dread on Demon Crown Hill ! These are items that can only be purchased at your local gaming store!

Be sure to check your store this weekend when you are there for Free RPG Day!
It's a RPG-fan's day come true! Head on over to your FLGS and have a day to remember. We can't wait to see pics from this fantastic day!

Free RPG Day 2018 is this Saturday!