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This newsletter features information and several videos about our upcoming workshop series on
Interpersonal Mindfulness.


We hope you join us.

CEUs, scholarships and discounts available.
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We are also happy to provide this workshop for you and your own community.
Relationships require a lot of time and patience.

But this simple truth is ignored in our speeded-up world.

While appreciating the technological advances of our modern civilization, let us take time for relationships
and cultivate - the timeless values and
fundamental virtues which make us human.

Eknath Easwaran
Below is a one minute video
Below is the recorded orientation webinar (40 Minutes).

This Thursday (October 29) at 1200 EST we will have a one-hour workshop to kick-off a four-session series. This series will facilitate your personal growth in Interpersonal Mindfulness.

Interpersonal Mindfulness Workshop
Take Four of Your Lunch Hours With Like-Minded People Seeking Unity and Positivity
PROCESS. Interpersonal Mindfulness (IM) involves the following processes:

  1. Attending to nonverbal/emotional cues of others and using these cues to understand with non-judgment the experience of another person.
  2. Listening without preconception or formulation of an immediate response.
  3. Attending to triggers, biases we have of others and letting them go.
  4. Practicing open-mindedness and non-judgement.

TYPES. There are seven different ways to express 'IM' - you will learn which one you are most drawn to and also help others identify their type.

  1. The Centerer (calm, discerning, peaceable)
  2. The Knower of Impact (thinks ahead, big picture)
  3. The Thriver (resilient, joyful, activitating)
  4. Values Clarifier (ethical, greater good)
  5. Compassionate Nudger (empathic, encouraging)
  6. Garnerer of Trust (mediator, confidante)
  7. Heedful Relater (sensitive, careful, thoughtful
This 10 minute video introduces you to the basic idea of
Interpersonal Mindfulness
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