September 22, 2020
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Celestial Greetings!

Tuesday morning (9:31 AM EDT) was the autumn equinox and the new season looks like it will be a doozy! So many planets are in retrograde motion, most notably the normal planet of propulsion, Mars. During its backtrack, Mercury goes in reverse, too. Whatever is on your agenda, give it time and space to go through revisions.

Hot off the presses: the Janet's Plan-its information you need to plan for next year. The 2021 Day Ratings covers the whole year, month by month. The 2021 Best & Worst Days List, organized by activities ruled by the signs, has a special section explaining best days for weddings and new ventures. 2021 On a Page shows the dates and degrees for the planets' retrograde ranges and the year's New and Full Moons. All are free PDFs that you can download to peruse or print. Bookmark the 2021 Free Resources page, which has links for all three PDFs for easy access from your computer or other device.
What are the planets up to?

Mars wants us to slow down.
Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, is the site for a rare and important backtrack of the red planet. This was explained in depth in the last Astrology Booth newsletter, A Pause Before Your Next Steps and discussed in my recent blog Mars Hits the Brakes, as well an article I co-authored (links below).

An Aries friend shared with me tonight how she and an Aries friend of hers both had small injuries this week. This reminded me to remind you that when your ruling planet is in reverse, you're more likely to to have mishaps or problems. For Aries, it's often an injury to the head or face, or a problem incurred when hurrying and not paying enough attention.

At the equinox, Mars was not only backwards but also very close to chaotic Eris (they' were less than two degrees apart) and both were square Saturn, powerful in its sign of rulership, Capricorn. What we try to control or keep in order is apt to fall into disarray, a clear demonstration of nature's principle of entropy. Quick Mercury happened to be at just the right degree of Libra to create a T-square with them. This would deliver only a bit of passing bad news if it happened on any old day. Coming on the equinox gives it an influence over the entire coming season, which will be complicated further by Mercury going retrograde while Mars is also backsliding.

The first day of fall ushers in the Sun's passage through Libra, which is ruled by Venus. This time around, Venus is in Leo and at the same degree as an asteroid with a somewhat similar name, Vesta. Named for the Goddess of the Hearth, Vesta indicates what sets us aflame and inspires us. Its pairing with Venus points to our heart's desire. In Leo, they get our creative juices are flowing and put us in the mood for fun and playing with children or bringing out our inner child.

A look back in history at prior Mars retrogrades in Aries gives us some hints as to what we might expect this time around. The current special planetary patterns are discussed, as well.

ALSO, see the article "A Look at Mars Retrograde From Two Angles," co-authored by Vedic Astrologer Usha Kumar and Janet Booth, from the Western astrology point of view, in the Reading Room of the Astrological Society of Connecticut, Inc. (look alphabetically under K for Kumar).

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The December episode of LOOKING UP, entitled "2020 Vision," highlights the new year's important planetary activity with a heads up to prepare you and a discussion of which signs will be impacted most and which might have a calmer time. (That said, remember that we all have all the signs in our charts.)

There are many FREE RESOURCES FOR 2020 at, including the whole year's day ratings organized month by month on tables, the Best & Worst Days List, 2020 On a Page and a handout "Highlights of 2020 by Janet Booth." All are PDFs for easy reading or downloading and printing, if you wish. Share this with your friends!

Many recent episodes are now available from the archives.

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When times are challenging, we look to the heavens for help. The attributes of the planets and signs provide energies we can all utilize, regardless of what's emphasized in your personal chart. In this episode, Janet waxes philosophical - picture your old auntie sharing her experience and sage advice.

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Three times a year, the Messenger of the Gods travels in reverse for three weeks at a clip. Besides bringing communication mix-ups, there are opportunities to re-examine issues, research ideas and handle those pesky piles of paperwork. We'll check 2020's Mercury backtracks to see which signs are most impacted and discuss how we can use the energy to advantage. The first bout began Feb. 16.

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Service Special

Despite Covid, life goes on and there are things we can plan and do. Many people are using the pause in the "normal" rythms of their life to resurrect old dreams, much like we would with a long-term retrograde in a progressed chart. Others are seeking new income streams or resolution of a relationship that has come under the magnifying glass with so much time at home. Whatever your situation, a look at your chart and cycles can put things in perspective and offer hope and time frames for taking action.

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Lecture for the Astrological Society of Connecticut
Thursday, February 16, 2021 7:00 PM EDT

Astrologers tend to focus on aspects dividing the zodiac by 2, 4 and 8 for jolts into action, and 3 and 6 for gentler prods. So, what about 5? Quintiles and bi-quintiles (fractions of one-fifth and two-fifths) are associated with the Venus-Earth-Sun interplay and represent lovelier qualities like luck and talent. When they form a triangle, they really amp up their positive prospects! We’ll explore their potentials in natal charts and using various forecasting techniques.

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Janet Sightings
In closing ...

I hope the information in this newsletter, my blogs and Looking Up shows will help you handle the current and upcoming planetary influences with greater ease and awareness, and use the celestial tides to your advantage! Yours in the stars, Janet Booth
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