Encourage Code Exploration
Last week, students around the world tried an Hour of Code as part of Computer Science Education Week. With new interest in coding sparked in students, we encourage teachers to look for creative opportunities to add computer science elements and options to other classroom subjects.  Projects that allow students to brainstorm solutions to real-world challenges with the development of apps and games help students see the applicability of coding in all areas.
STEM Lesson Plans for Cold and Flu Season
Are your students curious about the flu? About viruses, infections, and the ways in which vaccines and antibiotics work?

A pair of Lesson Plans for middle school classes makes it fun for students to ask and experiment with questions related to health and human biology in the classroom.

  • Fighting Infections with Your Immune System: model the processes of the immune system to find out how the body responds to bacteria or viruses that cause diseases and to investigate the role of memory cells.
  • Stopping Superbugs!: use a dice-based activity to model how bacteria respond to treatment by antibiotics. What happens when someone stops taking their antibiotics early?
Support for Lesson Plans was provided by the Cisco Foundation.
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Paper Bridges in the Classroom
Two new NGSS-aligned Lesson Plans help teachers lead engineering and investigating activities in the classroom. Designed for use in the second grade, these Lesson Plans provide educators with background material, grade-appropriate discussion questions (and answers), and classroom materials, including a worksheet.

The two Paper Bridge Lesson Plans work together as a series or can be used individually:

  • Paper Bridge Design Challenge: build bridges out of paper and experiment to find out how shape affects how much weight the bridges can hold.
  • Paper Bridge Materials Challenge: investigate the relationship between building materials and strength by building bridges with different types of paper and aluminum foil.
Support for these mechanical engineering Lesson Plans was provided by General Motors.
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