Winter  2014

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Change.  Funny, but it's the only thing that stays the same!  Life moves imperceptibly sometimes.  The days pass and often seem unremarkable and it is not until we look back that we see how much has really changed - children learn to tie shoes, drive cars and pay their own bills; at least that is the plan! Neighbors move, a loved one dies, a cousin gets married.  And of course - paint peels, water heaters corrode and you've worn out those much-loved sneakers.   Life does not stand still - ever!  


I was reminded of the subtlety of change in the anatomy and physiology course I'm currently taking as part of my advanced herbal training.  What a great metaphor the concept of "homeostasis" is  for how we live - in constant motion and always adapting to change!  In homeostasis,  our cells are always striving to maintain balance and health - bonding with other cells for nutrition, to expel waste, to send antibodies to a foreign invader or to exchange electrical charges to maintain cell integrity.  We do the same, don't we, in a never-ending, moment-to-moment process as we move through our days?  Kind of grand when you think about it.  Also, kind of exhausting!


We all face daily challenges to achieve homeostasis, to balance our needs, wants and obligations.  When there are many things pulling at us, we can feel stressed and overwhelmed.  Even when things are going well, stress is always an ingredient in our balancing act. 


If you would like to explore options for dealing with stress, overwhelm or just plain confoundedness, I would like to invite you to come to my FREE introductory group coaching session where you can sit with like-minded people, learn some tools, tips and tricks for dealing with the stess of ever-present change and have some fun in the process!  Details are below.


Spinning plates right along with you,



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Tea Cup Transformation: Intro to Group Coaching
Free Herbal Clinic!

Tea Cup Transformation

An Introduction to the

Group Coaching Experience




Come and fill your cup - with  insights, new life strategy tools and yes - some yummy herbal tea!  This session is an introduction to the group coaching experience, with an opportunity for exploration of life topics and engagement through group activities, processing and reflection.  You will listen deeply (to yourself and others), allow for possibility and leave with a commitment to try something new.


Bring your own favorite tea cup; I'll prepare the tea.


There is no cost for this introductory session and I will offer it twice: 


Friday, February 28, 9:00-11:00 at Harbor One U in Mansfield

Thursday, March 6, 7:00-9:00 at Where Healing and Art Come Together, 263 North Main Street, Mansfield


Registration is required.  Call or email me for more information or to register.


***If you find you like the group coaching experience, I will be offering a 4-week series (more detailed info sent next month): 


From Busy to Balanced: Uncovering Joy in
Times of Stress.


 Dates: March 20, 27; April 10, 17 

Time:  7:-9:00
Location:  Where Healing and Art Come Together, 263 North Main Street, Mansfield

Fee:  $100 for the series


Please contact me for questions or to register.



Gift Certificates Available for All Services
Give the gift of healing touch.
Gift certificates may be purchased in any amount for any of the services I offer, including:
  • Massage
  • Facelift Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Energy Work
  • Life Coaching  
Call or email to purchase.

To schedule your session, please call or email:


Debra Bloom, LMT, EMP
Inner Light
15 Court Street
Mansfield, MA  02048

Free Herbal Clinic



Many of you know that I became a certified medicinal herbalist this past November.  Our study time was spent learning about the plants and how to make medicines and other treatments like lotions, salves, and teas.  Starting at the end of January, I will begin the advanced herbal training program, in which we will learn to do client health assessments and formulate remedies to address health concerns and symptoms.  Part of this learning will take place in a student clinic once a month, and for that, we need volunteers! 


If you have an interest in herbal medicine and/or have a condition that you would like to be assessed and treated for, this is a wonderful opportunity to benefit from an in-depth health evaluation with a group of very caring people. And it's FREE!

Clinic dates are as follows:


January 26

February 23

March 16

April 13

May 18


All the dates are on Sundays and the  clinic is in Arlington, MA. 


If you are interested, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with my teachers to work out the details.












Client Testimonial




Through regular sessions with Debra, I have been able to resolve various physical and emotional issues I was facing. Even after the first session, I felt a renewed sense of relaxation, peace, and hope for healing.

Debra is a skilled, intuitive massage therapist and healer. Self care is so vital to well being in the busy world we live in and sessions with Debra have been a great way to fulfill that need.
Emily S, Registered Nurse