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Vitality in our skincare products begin and end with fresh botanical extracts. Vitality, is invigorating energy, a good example is electrolytes, found within people, plants, and animals; they are powered and transformed by the suns energy. 
 A therapeutically designed, aromatic, holistic, skincare line is vitally important to deliver natural chemicals to the 9 systems in our body. The synergy is directed by the guardian within us all. Our intention is to maintain the integrity and vitality of our skincare guardians' facial system and deliver right to your nose and body pure aroma and hydrotherapy. The microscopic molecular chemicals are delivered through our sweet glands, hair follicles, skin tissue and the 'ol-factory system' which starts at the bridge of our nose, and for the most fortunate with your sense of smell. Within minutes, pure vaporized wholesome constituents and pure essential oils, distillates, and whole plant infusions and extracts, start travelling holistically.    

Herbal Handmade Soap
A Holiday Gift Giving Tradition

For healthy, clean, fresh smelling skin use Creation herbal soaps with natural moisturizers that include special botanical skin care oils and extracts. Your skin is your first line of defense against disease; keep it healthy with our handmade herbal soaps free from detergents, dyes and synthetic ingredients. Creation Handmade Soaps are celiac safe and free of wheat and gluten.

These healthy natural hand made soaps were crafted with the finest botanically based oils, herbs and organic ingredients in their purest forms. A healthy natural cleansing soap is the first step in Anna's Skin Care Guardian system. 

The Easu Breathe blends promote easier breathing, opening your sinus and lungs for much more breathing comfort when you have a cold or flu.
Although cold and flu season is upon us it is not too late to stock up on easy breathe products to help you ease those cold and flu symptoms with comfort and easier breathing.

The Easy Breathe collection includes a Cold comforting herbal chest rub, an aroma mister,  The easy breathe herb blend is a jar of herbs and essential oil that can be used as an inhaler or sprinkled in a hot tub or sauna, and of course there are easy breathe bath salts to soak those cold and flu aches away.
Celebrate Healthy Winter Skin and kiss the winter cracks and wrinkles goodbye with the moisturizingemollient botanical nectars and Nutrients in the Btoanical anti aging formula for skin renewal and restoration

Creation Herb Farm designs skincare products from their farm to the consumer, with raw materials as close as possible to the way they were created by God  without having been reformulated or hybridized by mankind.  


We grow by Organic and Natural methods with real organic nutrients and no pesticides. Handcrafted herbal skin care products and herbal extracts are designed, formulated, and processed on our farm with integrity to insure quality for your personal and individual care. From our hands into yours, pure skincare products within your reach; you will love how they feel on your skin. At Creation Farm Mike and Anna have been actively involved with alternative health as a lifestyle we have been dedicated to for 30 yrs.

The benefits of a holistic lifestyle will empower your vitality. We design skincare products using whole plant extracts, essential oils, and electrolytes to revitalize your body. Our intention is to design and nurture your body...whole plants for whole people.




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Creation Farm has been shipping handmade soap and natural skin care nationwide and around the world since 1982. Send those you care about this season some alternative health & beauty. We have remedies and treatments for all skin types and conditions.

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