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That is correct! We will pay for the return postage when the longarm services are over $75.00. We feel that is the least we can do for our quilting friends all over the country.

How Do You Send Us Your Quilt Tops?

  1. Box your top and if you desire, your batting and/or backing.
  2. Make sure your name is readable on the return address and add your phone number at the end of your name, the first line of the address or to the box.
  3. Address it to: Forever In Stitches, LLC, 545 Hampton Manor Court, Valparaiso, IN 46385
  4. Send it with tracking, signature required, and insurance, if you desire, via the USPS [Post Office], UPS[United Parcel Service] or FedEx [Federal Express].
  5. Call us at 219.255.8085 or 419.358.0656 or email us at and inform us of the tracking number. Please do not text or message this information as we have no way to control or track using those methods!
  6. We will call you when it is received at the phone number you wrote on the box.
  7. We will place the item in the backlog at that point in time.
  8. We will make a second call [we may combine this with other calls] to discuss thread color, backing, batting, E2E v Custom, designs, and other items that may be pertinent. We will also get your credit card information for the down payment. Note: credit card numbers are not stored anywhere on our system. All papers with card numbers are shredded.

How Do We Send Your Quilt Back To You?

  1. We will perform a quality review of the work.
  2. We will call you to inform you of the cost and any other issues that are appropriate. If the quilting is over $75.00 there will be no charge for the return shipping. We will ask for a card number and shred that information once it is processed.
  3. We will send the quilt via USPS Priority mail. This will send you an email with the tracking information if your have provided us with your email address.
  4. You receive the box and open it with joyful glee!

Did You Know?

We have published two self-study courses for the Innova longarming automated Mach 3 system. You can find more information on our web-site at .

It's That Simple!
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At Forever In Stitches our goal is to further the art of quilting and longarming.
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