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Tech Corner
Physics at the Drag Strip
If you're like us, you've watched the dragsters tear down the drag strip and marveled when they do the slow-mo playback as the tires fold on to themselves. As they travel down the quarter-mile, the tires grow about 10 inches in diameter. We found this physics lesson in "Car and Driver" fascinating and think you will too. Enjoy!
Customer Testimonials
Cover Car - TREMEC TKO
Luke Volkmann's 1967 Camaro
Luke made our day! When we let him know, he heaped on more praise and sent us a great photo of his Camaro, which we've made our cover car this issue!

Hello Jack,
I wanted to let you know that I finally installed TKO 500 kit but I purchased from you back in October maybe? You guys did a great job putting the perfect kit together. I didn't have to go to the parts store even once which is appreciated considering I'm 20 miles away from the nearest Napa. I was very impressed with your written directions and descriptions in the packet supplied. The installation was very straightforward including checking the bellhousing run out. The shifter location was spot-on with my factory console and Hurst stick . The transmission crossmember didn't need any modification at all.  I finally got it on the road this week and I'm very impressed with the way the 5-speed shifts and super enthused about having overdrive finally. Thanks again for what you offer to the market, I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Luke Volkmann

Hey Luke,

Thank you for bringing a smile to my face at the end of a long day. Your car is beautiful and your kind words are much appreciated. We work hard to insure everyone has a great experience.
If you don’t mind, we would certainly like to show your car off on our sites.

Thanks again,


Yes, please use me as an example of a very happy customer. I was blown away with the simplicity you brought to the trans swap. I'm by no means an educated mechanic, just a tinkerer, so I was very happy with the ease of such a large job. Even the driveshaft, which I forgot to mention, fit perfectly with the right amount of play in the slip yoke. You guys got it figured out! And I really did shop around for best price and you were it! 5th gear is so quiet it sounds like you're coasting in neutral. I love it, thanks again.

Family Fun
Nothing better than seeing a father spending time with his kids doing something they all love. Kicka Guedry is a draftsman/project manager at a sugar mill and works over 100 days straight with as little downtime as possible to harvest sugarcane. When harvest is over, he's ready to spend time with his daughter and son. Almost every weekend he gets to take his kids out to the drag-strip, and watch them go!

His daughter just recently moved from the "Jr. Dragsters" to the "big" cars while her little brother still has 5 years left in the Jr's. Kicka sent us some photos of his kids in the winner's circle, his daughter with her "big" dragster and his father/son project, a 1970 C-20 Pick-up.
1968 Mercury Cougar - TREMEC TKO
The 5 speed is in my 68 Cougar. Absolutely loving it and never smiled so much. Like my friend said that purchased his 5speed kit from you as well it is more like a completely new car and it is.
Thanks for the great product
Peter Hume
1968 Camaro - TREMEC TKO
Good morning Jack,

Thanks for the nice e-mail. After spending some time with Gene on the phone last Friday, I found his knowledge and overall enthusiasm for myself and my car to be top notch. His knowledge for your product led me to the purchase of the PerfectFit Kit and a rear end so my wife and myself can finish our build.

Its nice to have a company that cares about car enthusiasts again. With the m-21 Muncie and 4:10 drum 12-bolt rear axle we have now, we are unable to take our 68 Camaro to car shows out side of or city limits. With your new system, we will be taking this car to car shows around the west cost: Northern California, Oregon, and Nevada.

We will be talking and bragging about your service and your product.

Thanks for being there, Jack, and bringing the open road back to us.

Jon Stratton 

Engine: SBC Stroker Roller by Proformance United
Transmission: TREMEC TKO 5-Speed PerfectFit Kit from Silver Sport Transmissions
Clutch Actuator: Hydraulic Kit from Silver Sport Transmissions
Rear Axle: Spraker Racing GM 12-Bolt from Silver Sport Transmissions

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