Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) @ The Library
Individuals who make less than $56,000 per year qualify for income tax assistance. If you qualify, a volunteer at the Park City Library will scan in your financial documents. Then a VITA volunteer will use the information on the scanned documents to file your tax return for free. You will return to the library a week later to review the information with a VITA volunteer over Skype. 
How To Connect With Us
While this is a drop in service, it is helpful to connect with you prior to you coming in to make sure that you qualify for this service and you are prepared with all of your documents. Please contact Kate Mapp ( or 435-615-5602) to check-in prior to coming.
What To Plan For
The Park City Library VITA site is open on Wednesdays from 3:00-7:00pm starting on February 12th and ending on April 8th. You can drop in at any point during the drop off time. After dropping off the documents (see below for details on what to bring), you will receive an email that will allow you to schedule your upcoming Skype appointment. At the Skype appointment, a VITA volunteer will review the information on your tax return, ensuring accuracy. Then the form will be submitted to the IRS, and you will be finished with your taxes!
What Documents To Bring With You To Scan
  • Social Security (SS) or ITIN cards for everyone in your household 
    • If you don't have SS cards - You need to go to the Social Security office to get replacements. You can ask for a letter before the card(s) are mailed out and that will work for us. We just need to be able to write the name EXACTLY as it appears on the card so that your return doesn't get rejected.
    • If you do not have ITIN cards (only applicable to non-citizens) - You need to go to the IRS building in SLC to get an ITIN number. We CAN NOT help you without this number.
  • Last year's return, if available
  • Proof of ID 
  • All W-2, 1098 (usually payments they made like mortgage, tuition), 1099 (payments made to them, bank interest, self-employment, disability) and other income statements including self-employed income 
    • Self-employment expenses (not over $5,000) if applicable
  • ID # (SSN or EIN) for child care provider if you are going to claim the child care tax credit for child care while you work or study. 
  • If filing jointly, both spouses need to sign. You can have your spouse come another day and sign, but be aware that your return may not be transmitted until both signatures are received.
  • Optional: Routing number and account number for direct deposit (blank or voided check) if you want your return direct deposited.
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