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Rethinking Schools — which coordinates the Zinn Education Project with Teaching for Change — has just published a new booklet, Teaching for Climate Justice, edited by Rethinking Schools curriculum editor and Zinn Education Project co-director, Bill Bigelow.

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The booklet collects “Earth, Justice, and Our Classrooms” columns that appear in every issue of Rethinking Schools magazine. In addition to Bigelow, contributors include Ursula Wolfe-Rocca, Moé Yonamine, Tim Swinehart, Rachel M. Cohen, Suzanna Kassouf, and Matt Reed.

As the booklet’s introduction explains:

Teaching for Climate Justice is activist teaching, hopeful teaching, and joyful teaching. The articles in this booklet are an invitation to educators to join the national conversation about how we help our students understand what is happening to our climate, why it is happening, who it is affecting, and what we can do about it. This work belongs to all of us.

If you followed the most recent COP 27 climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, you know that results were mixed, at best. As UN Secretary-General António Guterres said at the gathering’s conclusion, “Our planet is still in the emergency room. We need to drastically reduce emissions now — and this is an issue this COP did not address. The world still needs a giant leap on climate ambition.”

It is urgent that educators also take a “giant leap” and make sure that the climate crisis and the movement for climate justice are central in all the classes we teach — whether these are U.S. History, Government, Economics, Language Arts, Dance, or Chemistry. 

Request Your Free Climate Justice Booklet

Additional Resources

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In addition to downloading Teaching for Climate Justice, see our Zinn Education Project Teach Climate Justice resources.

And see the most comprehensive resource on teaching the climate crisis, Bill Bigelow and Tim Swinehart’s Rethinking Schools book, A People’s Curriculum for the Earth: Teaching Climate Change and the Environmental Crisis.

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Bryan Stevenson on the History of Racial Terror in the United States

Monday, Dec. 12

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On Monday, December 12, 2022, Bryan Stevenson will discuss his book Just Mercy, the Legacy Museum, and the history of racial terror in the United States. Stevenson is a lawyer and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative. This session is part of the Zinn Education Project’s Teach the Black Freedom Struggle online people’s history series. ASL interpretation and professional development certificates are provided.

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