Free Technical Assistance Course
Finding healthy, drug-free workers is difficult for many companies in our community - in part, due to the fact that job seekers and employees are failing drug tests at a record-setting number. In response, 17 communities throughout Ohio have joined forces to address this problem through the Working Partners® Drug-Free Workforce Community Initiative (DFWCI).

THE OPPORTUNITY: A Free Technical Assistance Course
A keystone activity of the DFWCI is to offer, free of charge, a technical assistance course to five companies per community. The outcome of the two-day technical assistance course is that each participating company will be educated and guided through a process to develop (or refine) a state-of-the art and legally sound drug-free workplace policy/program (DFWP) that will
  1. Save you time and money
  2. Give you systems to attract and keep quality employees
  3. Increase insulation against corporate liability
  4. Provide a roadmap to administer an effective and efficient DFWP policy/program
  5. Position you as a leader in the community -- taking action to improve our community's employable workforce
Topics covered in this graduate-level course include drug trends impacting the workforce and workplace, legal issues impacting a DFWP program (e.g., Ohio's marijuana law, ADA, DOT, OSHA), and best practices of operationalizing a policy/program.

  • Austintown 
  • Bellefontaine 
  • Bowling Green 
  • Cambridge Area 
  • Clermont County 
  • Columbiana County 
  • Dayton 
  • Geauga County 
  • Hamilton 
  • Hamilton County
  • Hancock County 
  • Lancaster
  • Marion County 
  • Putnam County 
  • Springfield 
  • Vienna Township 
  • Washington Court House
Our business community has been talking about this issue for quite some time. 
Now it's time to do something about it. Will you join us?