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Calling All Facilitators!

Join me and two seasoned facilitators to discuss and perhaps even debate some of the facilitation techniques in my book Together We Decide.

The book has a lot to say about leading groups and I hope it's a valuable contribution to our craft and profession, yet there are many ways to facilitate meetings and I make no claim that my techniques are always best.

I hope that my book starts discussions. Starting now.

Details here | Free Registration here | Hope to see you there with your questions!
I'm trying something new: Free monthly training in a talk show format. Every Fourth Wednesday at 1pm ET for 50 minutes. Put them on your calendar if interested. I plan to start each 50-min session (like the one described above) with some straight-up training on how to make good group decisions. Then comes the talk show with my special guests, then Q&A about whatever comes up. Always free, online, and open to the public. Do you like this idea? Let me know.
We the People Are All In This Together

David Korten (a favorite author) argues in YES! (a favorite magazine) that institutions such as national governments and corporations "pit us against each other in a deadly competition to dominate and exploit both the planet and our neighbors." He raises specific concerns about the competition between the US and China, the world's two largest economies.
He also admonishes the competition among rich people to get even richer, and how that competition also threatens the well-being of people on Earth. "Those competing for the top spot on the Forbes billionaires list have chosen to ignore the obvious reality that there will be no winners on a dead Earth."

Competition is often hailed as the engine of economic prosperity - true enough - yet it is also a root cause of social injustice and ecological destruction. Competition has its virtues, yet if we don't reign it in and collaborate more we're gonna end up killing each other.

Read the Full Article Here. And check out the rest of the magazine while you're at it.
Book Update

My new book was released last month and it's been getting some great reviews. I am so happy that it's being well-received.

I hope you will buy the book through your favorite local bookstore or online retailer. People are telling me that they like it. What do you think?
I was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Portland, Maine
In the window at Gulf of Maine Books,
Brunswick, Maine
Spotted at the airport in Hartford, Connecticut
My next book signing is at Sherman's Maine Coast Book Store in Bar Harbor on Saturday, October 29 from 1pm to 3pm. Come say Hello! If you would like me to come talk with your group about Together We Decide, please reach out.
Maine Senators urge return to bipartisanship
On September 27 the Maine-based group Building Bridges hosted an online forum with Senator King and Senator Collins.

"We need to come together. It starts in our neighborhoods and our families," said Senator Collins.

"When compromise is a capital offense, we're in trouble," said Senator King.
Watch the full program here. And here's the 1.5-min TV news story about it.
If you are unhappy, dissatisfied, or discontent, you can try to change the stuff that you surround yourself with, or you can change your attitude about stuff around you.

So much of my group's success depends on MY attitudes. This is a central theme of my book. And this diagram, along with others in the book, I try to show that how I look at things really matters. With no material or behavior changes at all, I can get happy just by how I see things.
To Help You Get Along
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