October 2018 
Our expertise in supply and distribution management is the key in creating extraordinary performance for our customers. It's all about getting your products delivered to you on time!
Free warehousing
By utilizing the free storage we provide in our Omaha warehouse, you'll gain valuable space in your facility.

We organize, store and monitor all of your inventory levels. Your products are labeled, bar-coded, palletized and racked in our fully insured facility; and your products are available for immediate shipment. Climate controlled environments and high security areas are also available upon request.

Fulfillment services
We can provide your organization with a complete pick-and-pack service. Our customers include large national chains requiring hundreds of items to be shipped each day, and smaller local clients who have similar needs on a smaller scale.

Next-day deliveries
With our PRINTLink online inventory system, your orders are shipped to you the same day when we receive your order before noon.

"Just-in-time" inventory has a predominant role in many companies today, and we do our best to provide unmatched customer service to meet your ever-changing inventory needs.

Have you ever wondered why, in the era where seemingly everything is becoming digital, we are still receiving catalogs at our homes and offices? The reason is simple: they work. If you're looking for a new way to market your business or sell more products, the answer might be looking to the past. In this blog, we'll discuss just a few of the reasons why catalogs may be the powerful marketing tool you are overlooking.
8 Ways You Can Turn Old-School Marketing Into Inbound Marketing

Print Newsletters --> Email Newsletters
You've spent a ton of time putting those print newsletters together, so why not squeeze more juice out of them in a digital format?

Even though you can't just digitize the print newsletter and be done with it, you'll have 60% of the work done on an email newsletter. Most of the educational content (the copy and the pictures) can be transferred -- though you probably will need to edit down your copy to be email-friendly.  The content you'll need to chuck will be the parts that are mostly about your company -- people will want to get more educational content than promotional content. 

Also, if you have the emails of those who've signed up for your print newsletters, you can also use your same list for your email newsletter -- though we'd recommend giving them overt opt-out signs on the first few emails so that uninterested folks can remove themselves from your list. 

You'll also need to add some email-specific elements such as links to other pieces of your online content and a call-to-action for your subscribers. You want your subscribers to take some sort of action from your newsletter. 

Direct Mail --> Email Marketing
We've hated on bad direct mail in the past, but I'll admit there are some things you can take from the practice to benefit your inbound marketing. Most of the copy and visual content can transfer over from one tactic to another, since both are highly visual platforms trying to capture someone's attention in a short amount of time. 

A couple things you'll have to change? You've got to work harder on the subject line. It'll be your gatekeeper to actually getting opened. You're also going to need to organically grow your list -- buying lists for email marketing is a huge no-no. It'll make your spam and unsubscribe rate plummet, which could affect the deliverability of the rest of your emails. 

This is an excerpt from an article originally featured on Hubspot.

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