Happy New Year! 

Along with the New Year comes the opportunity to sail with the winds of change…a universal movement to manifest more magic into your life!  

Take some time to reflect on your past year; your wins and adversities and start writing down, vision boarding, meditating…pondering the different areas of your life needing attention, energy, influence. Look at your health, finances, family, career, education, home, social, cultural, spiritual and ethical goals.  

Determine where you are and where you want to go!  Health is typically on most people’s to-do list. All of us at Vivid Health are here to help! Whether you need to focus on nutrition, pain management, hormonal balance, stress relief, alignment, balance, posture, relaxation or mental well being to name a few, we would love to support your journey though an extraordinary 2019! 

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Oil of the Month: Easy Air
Easy Air (or Breathe when ordered from the US) is a fresh, minty, airy blend of laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, Melalueca, lemon, Ravensara and cardamom essential oils that is designed to naturally open the airways. 

In a diffuser, a couple of drops in a natural cream and rubbed on the chest or just a drop in the palm of your hand, this oil blend is necessary for flu season. Great support for coughs, colds, sinus issues, snoring and asthma. 

Roll-On (9mL) 22.33 Oil (15mL) 34 Save $2 on this oil if purchased in-house this month ( Click Here so we can save you one!Order online or Join and Save!  
Gift of Health Promotion - Extended!
If you know someone who is struggling with their health and would like a fresh new perspective and plan, please help us to help others – we have extended our offering of Gift of Health for January – Dr. Danielle Gilas is offering Complimentary Consult/Exam/Report of Findings (Value $175), Dr. Lorraine Campbell is offering a Complimentary 1hour Counselling Session (Value $150), and Dr. Denise Costa is offering a Complimentary 1hour Counselling Session for Child & Play Therapy for New Clients only.

Vivid Yoga
FREE promo Chair Yoga Class on Thursday, January 10th at 11am with Amyris – classes will be on-going on Thursdays at 11am – click here for more information.

Empower Yoga with Roxana – Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm.

$25 for drop-in or 5 for $110.  Book ONLINE or email us to reserve your spot - space is limited.  
The Battle of the Video Game
Video games – while kids love them, parents tend to be less enthusiastic. Playing video games can be healthy and is an important way for kids to connect with peers. The problem is when the gaming leads children to withdraw from life and avoid responsibilities.

Click here for a few tips that may help you to approach the topic of video games with your child.

Lorraine Campbell, PHD., C.Psych.

To book an appointment or to find out more about Dr. Campbell's specialty, counselling & child assessments, contact the office at 647.478.1775 or online at book ONLINE or email  
Hypnomothering: Sunday, January 27
Hypnomothering is a 2.5 hour class for moms to be, new moms and moms of young children, happening from 11:30am to 1:30pm on Sunday, January 27th.

What you will learn:

  • Self-hypnosis to relax and find balance and calm even on very stressful days
  • Techniques as quick as 30 seconds to re-frame any kind of day
  • Introduction to hypnotic time distortion to super charge a power nap
  • Fresh strategies for creating and flexing with motherhood’s “new normal”
  • Learning to tune in to your baby to enhance bonding and mother’s intuition
  • Coping confidently with the pressures of differing parenting styles presented by friends, family, etc.

New Year's Special: $65 (regular price $100)

Please register by email, call us at 647-478-1775 or visit Facebook for more information .  
Dr Val’s Curried Detox Soup with Coriander Chutney
Happy New Year!!! Somehow at this time of the year everything seems fresher and brighter. With the anticipation of what the year will bring, we feel we have a blank slate to write on. What a perfect time to rebirth and reinvent ourselves and our health. Doing a detox is a perfect way to start, and this soup a yummy way to warm your body and soul.

Dr Val’s Curried Detox Soup with Coriander Chutney Adapted from LCBO Food and Drink Magazine. Original Recipe By Lucy Waverman.

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