Just after a FULL YEAR of hoarding toilet paper and quarantining…things are looking BRIGHT!

Starting today, residents who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (2 weeks after their second dose), can now go out with family, shopping, church and more!

You can read more on this update here!

Visits at Serenity
Visitors still need to sign up for visits (still required to be screened). Continue to use the designated front doors and not any of the side doors.
• Visitors no longer need to wear face shields/goggles; yay!
• Visitors are still required to wear a mask during their visit (please bring your own).

None of these updates are anticipated to change unless our county positivity rate increases.

Dining & Activities
• Dining is still required to be 6 feet apart.
• Activities are still suggested to take place 6 feet apart and with masks.

**Hopefully soon, we will be able to schedule in outings on our activity calendar for shopping and more. Stay tuned!

Leaving the Building
If you plan on going out (for a few hours or the weekend), please make sure to let the staff know. Nurses can pack meds if gone for overnights or weekend, but please be courteous and give as much heads up as possible!

We did it…and we did it TOGETHER!

**Lillian & Helen made signs to celebrate their freedom!!