A guide to PCI DSS in contact centres

This newly updated 3rd edition of our eBook is a collection of blogs from Syntec's website which provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of PCI DSS management in contact centres. 

From implementing a PCI project and first thinking about PCI compliance, all the way through to the specifics of what compliance involves for different aspects of your contact centre operation, this ebook provides you with everything you need. 

This newly updated 3rd edition includes advice on security in multichannel contact centres, maintaining PCI DSS compliance when working remotely and effectively maintaining security and compliance in an omni-channel environment. 

How to maintain PCI DSS compliance when your contact centre agents are working remotely 

Many merchants have responded to the Covid-19 epidemic by either asking their contact centre agents to stay safe and work from home, or by routing calls to outsourcers handling calls on their behalf. Both of these present a number of unique security challenges and associated risk.

During these difficult times, it is clearly important for businesses to retain the ability to accept card payments from their customers, but with agents working remotely it is equally as important for payments taken over the phone to be handled securely and a PCI DSS compliant manner.

NEW: CardEasy Digital provides a one-stop shop for secure payments across all contact centre channels 

Syntec has launched CardEasy Digital to provide PCI DSS-compliant card payment services for communication channels such as e-mail, SMS, webchat, WhatsApp, social media and chatbots, complementing CardEasy's voice channel payment solutions.

Customers expect to be able to communicate with merchants and to pay them by card via whichever channel they choose. With CardEasy Digital, your agents can now take card payments securely in your contact centre or when remote working, by generating a single-use secure html payment link or QR code to send to the customer so they can open a secure payment page to complete the transaction.     

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