Eight Steps to Increase Your Personal Power

Changing your life for the better has to begin with changing yourSELF. That may sound like it has to be a long journey and a daunting one. It doesn’t. It requires a plan and a commitment to get started actualizing that plan. If you’re ready to start, I’ve created an 8-step strategy that will allow you to become more powerful—in your relationships, in your work, in everything you do. I wanted to make it hard for you to say no. So, I made the plan free of charge. You can download it right from here. I’ve delivered it to you, and you have my commitment to keep delivering for you, right through 2021 and beyond . . . 

-Dr. Keith Ablow

Describe very specifically the growth you wish to achieve.

This step is about clarity. You take this step because you want to be sure that you’re moving forward with a real, actionable goal. 

Accept that buried pain from your past
stands between you and your goal.

Once you’ve committed to focusing on a specific area of your life that you want to change, a key to moving forward will be taking this leap of faith: Accept the idea that your problem hasn’t come out of the blue; it has roots reaching into the past. 

Resist the behaviors that
keep the pain buried.

None of us wants to feel pain. That’s why we are all very adept at finding habits and behaviors that keep our minds from focusing on it. These habits and behaviors are called shield strategies because we hide behind them.
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