Bite-Size Blog #56 -- November 15, 2016

Food Choices Movie
Available on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Vimeo, etc.

I am thrilled to announce that the Food Choices movie that premiered earlier this year in Chicago, is now available on Netflix in 190 countries and in 25 languages.  Consider this your early holiday gift from J. Morris (Jim) Hicks. Please share it with everyone you know.

This great documentary runs 91 minutes and I am honored to say that yours truly appears about five times during the last twenty minutes, when we were primarily talking about the environmental consequences of our food choices.

The film's producer, Michal Siewierski, shot most of the segments himself in 2014; filming Dr. T. Colin Campbell and myself at the Center for Nutrition Studies office in Ithaca, NY. For Colin, this was just one of dozens of movies in which he has appeared, but for me, it was my film debut. Check out the brief, 2.5 minute trailer here:

For the  latest full 13-minute trailer, visit the film's website at While there, you can also read more about the movie and learn about Michal's background. 

Also now on YouTube. I just noticed that the entire film can also be seen on YouTube for FREE. Not sure if it was authorized by the producer or not, but I am going to provide a link to it for you here. 

That's because I feel like the more people who see this movie, the better our chances for reversing climate change, eliminating most chronic disease, ending world hunger and saving our civilization.

In closing, I have seen this movie twice and highly recommend it. In addition to Netflix and YouTube, the film can also be rented or purchased on Amazon. It is  also available on Vimeo, iTunes and on 22 other smaller platforms. All are listed on the movie's website at

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