September 11, 2020
A Message from Dr. Ben Kruskal and Jory Curran for
NEQCA Primary Care and Specialty Providers
LCO Presidents, Administrators and Medical Directors
NEQCA Central
Dear Colleagues:
Tufts Medical Center has adapted COVID Pass (its employee self-screening tool) for use - free of charge -- by interested NEQCA practices (see details below).
Would you please complete this form to let us know if you would like NEQCA to assist you in deploying COVID Pass at your practice?
The importance of screening
All who enter a health care facility (e.g., patients, health care workers, visitors) should be screened for symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or exposure to others with COVID-19 to prevent further transmissions of the virus, consistent with public health recommendations.
Screening typically involves:
  • Documenting the absence of symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • Asking whether individuals have been advised to self-quarantine because of significant exposure to someone with COVID-19
COVID Pass Screens Employees Prior To Arriving At Work
Here's how COVID Pass works:
  • Employees complete a brief web-based questionnaire before each work shift. The survey can be accessed through any desktop or mobile device.
  • Based on survey responses, employees are either Cleared For Work or Not Cleared for Work (no further details are shared with the employer).
    • Those who are Cleared for Work receive an automated email to be forwarded to the person within your practice responsible for tracking employee health and safety.
    • Those who are Not Cleared for Work receive an automated email with instructions to notify their practice and to seek medical attention, as symptoms suggest. 
COVID Pass is the latest in a series of actions NEQCA is taking to support our Network practices around COVID-19 and all the changes the virus has triggered.
Please complete this form to learn more about COVID Pass or visit NEQCA's COVID-19 website.
Senior Medical Director
Senior Manager Practice Performance and Technology