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DHARMI Meditation
on:     Wednesday January 12th  
at:      6PM
at:      The Standard
          40 Island Ave,
          Miami Beach, 33139 
Cost: $ 55.- (with indoor and outdoor spa included)
Info:   786-301-7324 



DHARMI Meditation Seminar encompasses a developed practice for those who want to encounter a level of consciousness in a holistic way. The art of being aware of how the physical body is connected to the intellect and emotions is uncovered as the spiritual self, within the cosmic vibration is untied and empowered through the holistic Cycle of Creativity. You will connect with the five fundamental energies of all Creation. 

The steps are specifically guided to follow the flow of creation, which is passing through the same cycle as tantric energy.

The rhythms, words, and guidance through DHARMI Meditation will support your individualized Cycle of Creativity. This cycle opens the flow in your creativity, and the power of spiritual inspirations within the material world

The Meditation & Seminar is guided by Christelle Chopard, founder of the Dharmi Institute, spiritual healer, holistic analyst, yoga & qigong instructor.

Helpful Information:
Registration: 3rd Floor
Seminar: Meeting Room; 2nd Floor
Valet PK $7 [with stamp that you receive at Spa]

At the end of the practice, those interested will share a peaceful, nurturing time at the Spa - Hamam.

 Retreat in Costa Rica 

Dharmi Retreat Costa Rica Christelle yoga qigong

Reserved for Dancers
level Bronze and Silver!
Thank you for being part of the Dance.
In infinite connection.