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From the Office of Marriage and Family
Now that you have extra time with your family, look for ways to see this as a blessing!! Here are some ideas:
Rhythm : Don't treat every day like a Saturday. Rise at a decent hour, have a schedule for homework and work, eat meals together at regular times. Include a bedtime (we recommend no phones in the bedrooms).

Meals : Sit down for meals together. That’s a blessing. Say some special, simple Lenten prayers.

Screen-time : It's tempting, but resist the urge to give in to unlimited screen time. Decide together how much time is enough per day. Be careful of allowing phones in bedrooms, because you know what will happen. But when you limit screen time, be ready with many other activities for everyone to do.

Information control : How much do the younger members of your family need to know at their age and who will tell them? Help them manage this in a good way.

Recreation : Build in routines to have fun together. Dust off some board games and decks of cards. Try a new game every day until you find something that everyone likes. Could you start a tournament with your family? Keep score and have prizes. Puzzles can be great entertainment for some families. When my kids were younger we would have "quiet reading room" time. Everyone would take a book and read for a certain period. Walks, bike rides, work projects around the house. We have time now in ways that we haven't before. Be creative. Brainstorm with the whole family. You might be surprised by how amazing some of their ideas will be.

Movies : Take this opportunity to look for movies that are entertaining and inspiring. With all of our options (and their are many) it's easier than ever to find good movies for the family. Since there is time, try to discuss what you're going to watch and then talk about the movie afterward. Have the family rate the movie. Make different categories and let everyone weigh in. It's fun. And it can provide some teachable moments.

Creativity : Continue to try and be creative with your time. Continue brainstorming new ideas. Ask everyone to search for one new idea and bring to a family meeting. Then try them out together.

Fresh air : Try to spend some time outside each day. Some days it's not as easy in Minnesota, but it almost always helps everyone's mood, and helps them feel less "cooped up".
Prayer : What a fantastic time to encourage the family to begin each day with some prayer. Or you could schedule a prayer time before or after supper. Cater the length of time to the ages of the family members, and make sure you give them something to pray about and some tips on how to pray. There are so many great resources online. Pray the rosary together. Watch a TV Mass together.
From the Office of Marriage and Family
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