Dear Elite Members,

Thanks so much for your support as we have gotten open again! We really appreciate that so many of you have started coming back to the club. We would like to emphasize to all that we are a community — some of us are very tentative about returning to normal routines right now. Please help them out by following the rules, such as directional signage and wearing a mask when not working out. This is not a political statement; it is simply about making all of our members and team members feel comfortable and safe!  

Not surprisingly, club utilization has been slow, so for those who are tentative, this is a great time to come in and see how comfortable you can be! Also, we are rolling out hours for those at high-risk (over 50 or with a medical condition): for those who are not at high risk, kindly avoid coming to the clubs during these times so that our higher risk members can feel comfortable and safe working out. The hours that are reserved for our higher risk members are: Monday-Friday at Brookfield, West Brookfield, River Glen and Mequon from 8:00-9:00 AM and at North Shore from 2:00-3:00 PM. Mequon will also have high risk hours from 7:00-8:00 AM Saturday and Sunday.  

We will progress to returning to more normal operations as club activity gets back to normal. Based on utilization so far, starting on June 8th, we will return to normal opening hours in the mornings for each of the clubs. While the group fitness/mind-body schedule is starting off with fewer options than normal, we plan to introduce more classes as we get more members back into the clubs. So please start coming and using the classes so we can add more and get back to a full schedule! 

As a way to welcome our members back to the clubs after a couple months of being much more sedentary, we are excited to offer you a choice of the one of the following special offers:
  • Free use of hydromassage at Brookfield during June (reservations required)
  • “Beat the Quarantine 15” Personal Training Package: Get back on track with 3 60-minute personal training sessions for the price of 2. You can buy multiple packages, but all must be used in June 2020.
  • “Lose the Quarantine Rust” Private Tennis Package: Get your game ready again with 3 60-minute private tennis lessons for the price of 2. You can buy multiple packages, but all must be used in June 2020.
  • Free before or after care for SCAMP for up to two weeks (when you sign up for a new session by the end of June, valid for all summer 2020 sessions) 
  • Five guest passes (valid for local guests only, expire 12/31/2020)
  • Free use of workout pods during June (reservations required) 

Kindly click on this link to select your option before June 15th! 

A few other notes as we have heard inquiries from many of our members on these topics:
  • All normal workout facilities are available without any charge or reservation. We have eliminated, spaced out, or reduced some cardio equipment to create ample physical distancing in our fitness centers. Workout pods are only for those who will feel more comfortable using them ($5 rental fee applies).
  • Free tennis court time begins on June 15th and continues through August 22nd. 
  • To better ensure the safety of our younger members, we are sanitizing the Space Maze at River Glen Monday-Friday from 2-3pm so it will not be available for use during that time. On the weekends, we will close it from 1-2pm for sanitization. Please know that we also sanitize and deep clean it while the club is closed.  
  • Online class reservations are now available - the full schedule is online on our member portal. You can also reserve other programs and amenities such as childcare, lap lanes, and tennis courts online through the member portal. If you don’t have access to your online account please contact the general manager of your club or 
  • The outdoor pool at Brookfield is open and available for swimming. The outdoor pool at Mequon should be open on May 30th, and the one at River Glen should be open by June 1st.  
  • We are crediting everyone for prepaid services that were not used during club closure: the process is very manual and our team is going through each service and making individual adjustments. We will provide you with information about what we did for you once it is completed, but rest assured, everyone is going to be taken care of properly. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Finally, we will provide all members with an option to not pay your membership dues for June - there will be an electronic form emailed out on June 1st. We ask you to think carefully about selecting this option: if we have too many members on hold for June, we will not be able to offer as much programming, and we will not be able to keep as many valuable Elite team members fully employed. Please think of the common good rather than just the few dollars you might save and understand that while we had no revenue over the past few months, yet we still had to pay rent, real estate taxes, insurance, health care for our team, and more.  

Thanks so much for your ongoing support of the Elite community!


Your Elite Leadership Team