Freediving special - December 2016

We have got together with Amancay freediving  for a 'special week of freediving & lionfish spearing'.  
PADI  freediving course and Lionfish spearing
Starts Monday 5th December till Friday 9th December 2016
Want to certify as a freediver & with your new skills help us remove the invasive Lionfish?

Amancay freediving Instructors will be teaching with ReefCI at Tom Owens caye, Belize for 5 days and 4 nights starting  Monday 5th December 2016.

What's included:
  • Introduction to Freediving 
  • Physiology of Freediving 
  • Breathing Technique 
  • Pranayama Breathing - Relaxation and Stretching 
  • Equalisation Technique for Freediving 
  • Finning Technique 
  • Freediving Disciplines - Free Immersion - Constant Weight - Static - Dynamic 
  • Rescue Techniques 
  • 30 feet to 50 feet


Launching "Cook Lionfish"

ReefCI founder Polly Alford and her twin Sister Claire Wood, will be launching their collaborated cookbook very soon!  A passion for food and the environment, it is all about Lionfish!

Check out our Instagram page: cooklionfish. 

Email us for more information
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