Torch Bearers of The Temple and Light Bearers of the World!

You are invited to join us in-person at Morya House or online for our Freedom Conclave, Victorious Alchemies of the Emerald Ray! Raising Temples for the Golden Age, that will take place June 29 - July 3, 2022. Enter into the Glorious Emerald Ray as we, together, build the Mighty Temples of the Presence for ourselves and for all mankind that will usher in the Golden Age of Saint Germain.

We also invite you to the Acropolis Sophia that will follow, The Rock Part II: The Power of Divine Providence that will take place July 4-10, 2022. Discover the bountiful Goodness of God's Presence, the Divine Providential Love of God for you, seeking to make your life better in every way. Come to the Acropolis Sophia and learn how to be the instrument of Divine Providence on behalf of yourself and all mankind.

You are welcome to engage your Heart Flame once again with Sunday's Address by Beloved Kwan Yin as she spoke on Providence.

Look for our formal mailing brochure that will be winging its way to you soon. We have included the poster brochure below. You may participate in-person here at Coeur de Lion or online via our streaming video broadcast program. Please see the registration information below. Feel free to contact us at (520) 751-2039 if you have any questions.

In Service and Love,
The Temple of The Presence