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"Freedom from Destructive Emotions"

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of turbulent emotions where you felt like the disciples on the angry sea thinking this would be their end? Maybe Fear--Despair--or Anger? Negative Emotions can be just as destructive and life-threatening as the storm on the sea! You are sure you will drown in them and die? Have you wanted to hear Jesus say, "Peace Be Still" upon your emotions as He did with the storm on the wild sea? I have!
Freedom from destructive emotions is the 2nd solution given in my book, 'How To Live With a Difficult Man". To understand One’s own Self is a Great Knowledge! It helps us see, why we react the way we do! Understanding how Jesus can subdue our emotions, can take us from feeling hopeless and rehearsing the problem, to Jesus pronouncing His "Peace Be Still" upon them. Would you like that? God--the Revealer of secrets, can show us how our emotions drive our fleshly responses in life's trials. And In Him, By Him, and Through Him we can find freedom from serving those destructive emotions and be empowered to serve God and right instead!

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