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Late May 2022

Librarian's Corner

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I’m not sure who invited the blackflies to appear early this year; I’ve got some strongly worded thoughts for whoever did. (Hopefully, they’ll also be departing early!) But, undeniably, they, along with the greening of the scenery and the elevation of the temperatures, are surely indications that Summer is on its way.


Holiday Closure

The Library will be closed on Saturday, May 28th, in observance of Memorial Day. The book drop & sale in the front vestibule are available 24/7 for your convenience.


Puzzle Party!


Join us Thursday, May 19th from 5-7pm for Puzzle Party! Your job: to put together one of the Library's puzzles--either part of the collection, or one that's up for sale--to ensure that all of the pieces are present. Can it be done in one session? There's only one way to find out!

Family Viewing

We've done a bit of shuffling with our videos for younger patrons. Movies rated G and PG that would be appropriate for family viewing are now located in the Family Movies section, downstairs with the rest of the DVDs. Children's television shows and direct-to-video releases are still located in the Children's Room.

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Join us on Friday, June 3rd at 7pm for Well-Versed, a monthly reading of poetry in the public domain by Chris Libby. This month's theme is "To the Moon and Back"

This presentation will be broadcast via Zoom--nothing to watch, just listen and enjoy. There will be a recording available on-demand sometime after broadcast on the event page.

See the page under Events at our website for more information.

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Join us on Thursday, June 9th at 6pm for a presentation by Caroline Hughes of the Loon Conservancy, focusing on the biology and life history of loons, the threats that loons face, and the work that the Loon Preservation Committee has been performing since 1975 to help recover New Hampshire's threatened loon population. This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

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Still Out There...

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No one has found a Golden Ticket yet--but they're out there! 6 Golden Tickets are hiding in the J section of the Library: fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels. You won't find a slip of paper or anything; a ticket will only reveal itself if the book that has it is checked out.

See the Kids page on the website for more information.

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