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Issue: # 3 Sept. 2015

We hope that you are all enjoying the last of the Summer weather and are looking forward to a successful Fall! Enjoy the third issue of our newsletter and we hope to see you at one of our next FTF events!
As Market Fears Grow, Stay Focused on the Long Term
Presented by Beata Dragovics
'Bear Market' is a scary term, and recent downturns have certainly given investors cause for concern. Rather than spend time worrying, though, let's try to understand what has happened and what it means for our long-term financial goals. (Read More)

Why the Greek Crisis Probably Won't Hurt the U.S.
Presented by Beata Dragovics
The Greek government's decision to pull out of debt-relief negotiations with the rest of Europe was a shock. Essentially, the Greek government has doubled down on confrontation with its creditors-and very possibly eliminated the possibility of any agreement at all. Beyond the headlines, though, the reality is that the damage from this crisis is likely to be small. (Read More)
Diversification Protects Your Retirement
Forbes, Mitch Tuchman
Wide diversification is a form of portfolio shock absorber. Yes, your portfolio will decline  in face value during a challenging time for stocks. But, it won't decline by nearly as much as the market itself....(read more)

Baby Boomers on the Move: What to Consider If You Are Planning to Relocate
Presented by Beata Dragovics
You've worked hard and are nearing retirement age. Like many other baby boomers, with your kids out of the house and a surplus of empty space and time, you may be thinking about moving. To help you make up your mind-or make your transition go as smoothly as possible-we've compiled this list of tips.(read more)

Best Places to Retire
TIME, Susie Poppick
These 25 towns offer a wealth of opportunities for enjoying your life after work - without cracking your nest egg...   (read more)
Life Enrichment Focus: 
The Good in Doing Good
Can a (billionaire) hedge fund manager fix income inequality?
Fortune, Brian Dumaine
Famed investor Paul Tudor Jones believes that we're headed for trouble if we don't shrink the wealth gap. His solution? Pressure companies to be more just...(read More)

A guide on the evolving trend of impact investing
The Boston Globe, by Sacha Pfeiffer
Investing was for doing well. Charity was for doing good. That was the traditional view of making money: that financial returns and personal values were incompatible. But that wall has crumbled as a new field of investments evolves, aimed not just at generating profits but producing societal benefits...


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