Romana Kryzanowska
 6/30/1923 to 8/30/2013
"Love all Around"
- Romana Kryzanowska

We remember Romana Kryzanowska whose birthday is June 30th.  She inspired all of us and with her training and guidance helped all of our teachers to give our clients the work of Joseph Pilates in its purest form.  We hope to inspire you just like she inspired us.  

Enjoy your summer and the celebration of our Country's birthday on July 4th.  We will be closed to observe the holiday.  

Our featured teacher this month is Katy Dawley who teaches at our Jenkintown Studio.  Read more about Katy below.

Check out our news and July special. 
Katy Dawley
Featured Teacher:
Katy Dawley
Romana's Pilates Certified Instructor 2015
Nurse Midwife 16 years, PHD University of Pennsylvania 2001
Program Director Midwifery - Philadelphia University 2007-2012
Katy shares her story:  "I started Pilates in 1996 with June Hines when she worked at the Pennsylvania Ballet where I was receiving Physical Therapy.  Pilates was part of my rehab and I became a convert.  My body changed in terms of how I hold myself, my stomach flattened and waist became a bit smaller.  More importantly I became more flexible, stronger and my balance improved.  I wanted to share Pilates with others.
Katy Dawley
I am now a Romana's Pilates certified instructor and I work at the June Hines Pilates studio in Jenkintown.  I love teaching and still take classes and private lessons to keep in shape.  I recommend Pilates to everyone!  
Julie Kenney
Teasers on Vacation
Julie Kenney, an avid Pilates student, continues her practice  while on vacation in Arizona.  Remember, you too can keep up with your Pilates practice when you're not in the studio!  The mat work can be done anywhere that you have a space to lie down (could even be practiced in bed before you start your day).

June Hudson
Studio News
Dear friends, 
I want to extend a word of heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful sendoff.  Wh at a wonderful gathering at Eve Rosenbaum's home as I transition into my next phase of life. The gestures, beautiful gifts, and words of support and remembrance touched me, and will always be remembered.

My time at June Hines Pilates as an apprentice and as an instructor was a life changing experience that will stay with me always. I will still be present in the studio and may even be substituting on occasion. Don't be too surprised to  see me on the reformer or mat next to you in class, as I won't be going far.

Each one of you helped me to grow, teaching me much about the human body and spirit.  I walk away from a regular teaching schedule so enriched, strong, and confident in the next phase of my life.

I want to give a special word of thanks to June Hines, the best mentor, Pilates instructor, and dear friend, I could ever have had. I count it all joy when I "accidentally" found her on the Internet, and the rest is history!  I also thank my amazing fellow instructors who I've had the joy of working beside.  

I encourage everyone to stay true to your Pilates practice, as it will never disappoint, and will always strengthen, enrich, and support you, in all ways, and in every area of life.

With much appreciation and gratitude for many happy teaching years at June Hines Pilates,
June Hudson (June2, the other June)

PS. Love All Around!!! Xo
Cynthia Shipley

Cynthia Shipley Guest Teaching
We are excited that Cynthia Shipley, Level 2 Teacher Trainer with Romana's Pilates will be coming to our studios to guest teach from Friday July 19th to Sunday July 21st.  Cynthia is now the owner of LIfe Span Pilates in New York City and still travels the world teaching potential teachers.
Cynthia will be in our Jenkintown studio on Friday July 19th, in Doylestown on Saturday July 20th and finally in Rydal on Sunday July 21st.  Cynthia will be teaching private, semi-private and trio lessons.  Email or call if you are interested in scheduling a session with Cynthia.
Susan Wilson on Horseback
Susan Wilson on Horseback
Susan Wilson on Horseback
Check out this quick video of Susan Wilson continuing her recovery and
 rehabilitation with some horseback riding!
Client News

We'd like to share with you a recent publication by one of our clients, Judith Outten.  The Shoebox Kid is a story about foster children and adopted children.  

FROM THE AUTHOR: "Often a tough subject to approach, children in the foster care system need awareness brought to their situation to receive more support from peers, caregivers, and future loving adoptive families, alike."

Click here for more information.  
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- Socks on the feet; we do ask that clients wear socks for cleanliness in the studio.
- Avoid cell phone use in the studio as it is distracting to your lesson and to others in the studio.
- Avoid wearing perfumes as some people might be allergic.
- Avoid excessive conversations, other than about your Pilates lesson, so we can all stay focused

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With this option you can schedule or cancel within a 24 hour window. You can pay for your classes online as well.  If you try this and are not successful, let us know and we will help you through the process.
July Special

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