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Hunterdon Gains Partial Reimbursement
For COVID-19 Emergency Costs

Hunterdon County’s Freeholders have released a letter sent today to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) calling for accountability equally from both Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) and the BPU for the utility’s failure to live up to the BPU’s 2018 Order on Reliability and Security, and the state agency’s failure to monitor JCP&L’s performance.

Freeholder Director Shaun Van Doren stated, "Our residents are angry and frustrated. JCP&L’s communications performance, with residents and businesses, and most particularly with county and local emergency response personnel, failed to meet the standards established by the BPU’s July 2018 Order, which was entered in response to the March 2018 windstorm.”

Freeholder Deputy Director Sue Soloway stated, "“It has been eight years since Hurricane Sandy and over two years since the July 2018 BPU Order and in this latest storm Hunterdon County residents have seen very little in reliability or security from JCP&L, and the BPU must own up to its’ responsibility for this failure.” 

Van Doren and Soloway wrote in the letter to BPU President Joseph L. Fiordaliso, ‘The BPU has a responsibility to ensure that the utility improvements that have been ordered, and for which ratepayers are charged, are followed through on. That apparently has not happened. The public demands accountability equally from both JCP&L and the BPU.’
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Senators Mike Doherty and Kip Bateman Slam Governor's Voting Executive Order
Senator Mike Doherty (R-23) stated,

“I’d like for Governor Murphy to explain how he can unilaterally modify or suspend a host of statutes without legislative approval. In my estimation as a legislator who believes in the separation of powers, the governor simply doesn’t have that authority to rewrite or ignore laws as he sees fit, even if his intentions are sincere. Like dozens of other efforts that the legislative and executive branches have collaborated on since March to improve New Jersey’s ability to respond to COVID-19, any changes to our elections that conflict with existing statutory law must be accomplished through the regular legislative process. Anything less would reduce the confidence of many New Jerseyans that our elections are being conducted in a fair manner that protects their vote.”
Senator Kip Bateman (R-16) stated,

"The mail box is not the ballot box,” said Senator Kip Bateman. “Voting, in person voting, is the centerpiece of our freedom, but in Murphy’s New Jersey, residents cannot go to the polls this fall for a presidential election and vote in person. That baseless decision shuns tradition and defies our American rights, chipping away at the essence of our democracy. This is an overreach by a Governor using the pandemic as a license to rewrite our laws. Residents can’t stand in line a few minutes to cast their vote, yet they are forced to line up for hours in overcrowded Motor Vehicle Agencies to renew paperwork or register a car. This action isn’t about health risks, it’s about ideology. Men and women of all colors shed blood, sweat and tears to fight for the right to vote, and that sacred right is being adulterated by this order that exposes the entire election process to the flaws and vulnerabilities of voting by mail. Our residents should be voting in person, unless they choose the mail-in alternative."
Assemblyman Erik Peterson Speaks Out on Reopening Gyms and Pushes on Reopening Indoor Dining
Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R-23)

Assemblyman Peterson has expressed disdain over the Governor's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the reopening of gyms at 25% capacity, Assemblyman Peterson calls for the reopening of indoor dining as well.
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