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Congratulations to Teri Shannon on her first 15 years with DAC Sales

Teri Shannon 
Congratulations Teri! Our hearty congratulations on your fifteenth anniversary of joining DAC Sales. Everyone at DAC and all of our customers sincerely thank you for the years of awesome service you have given in helping DAC become a leader in the custom HVAC equipment business. Your evolution from the person we met 15 years ago to becoming the President of the Boston ASHRAE Chapter has been remarkable. You are a credit to the profession. We all look forward to working with you for many years to come.  
Jim Shiminski & Rick McGinley 
Principals DAC Sales

Congratulate Teri:
Product Highlights:

Freeze Protection for Chilled Water HVAC Coils

In a perfect world, chilled water coils would never be exposed to the dangers of freeze conditions. However, a variety of mechanical issues and human shortcomings often come into play that can expose chilled water coils to conditions for which they are not designed.

This is especially prevalent in older systems due to the results of dirty water, leaking valves, steam system/pre-heat issues, failing controls and a variety of damper/louver malfunctions which may occur.

The Cooney Freeze Block chilled water coil has been successful in weathering some of the worst conditions in North America with 100% satisfaction. Actual applications, climate room and wind tunnel testing have proven that this coil can withstand temperatures as low as -74° F.

NP Series Dehumidifiers - Reducing Refrigerant by 85%  -  The Future of Dehumidification


Git rid of refrigerant and get a better system.
See more on information on  Seresco.   
DAC Blog Analytics 2015:
No surprise here;  most of our blog readers are younger:

Ladies like us.  In this male dominated world of mechanical engineering this was surprising to see.

Here is a list of the most visited blog posts for 2015.  This makes sense,  most of the younger engineers are interested in basic concepts. 

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