Newsletter 4 | November 2018
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Welcome to the November Newsletter

By Dr. Brenda Krage, Superintendent

As you will see by the stories highlighted within this issue we have many exciting things happening in Fremont Re-2 School District. We have great students! With each passing week I am more impressed with the passion and dedication of our staff. We have great staff!
Generally speaking, this is a busy time of the year. As you are hopefully aware, by recent releases of information, we have initiated a few strategic changes within our school district. This work lays a foundation for the next several years of focus and should support the district through positive changes for our students and staff. In my opinion, it is exciting work as it relates directly to the core of our ‘business’ which is teaching and learning. I am confident that as our strategic planning efforts move forward they will produce a strong and aligned school system. This is a positive factor that many high performing organizations experience. I promise to keep you informed along the process. For more detailed information regarding the recent releases of information, please visit our website at
Please take a few minutes to make sure your contact information is current within Infinite Campus. School closures and delays are always possible and we want to ensure good communication. As always, please know you are always welcome into our schools.

Wishing you and your family a happy and health holiday season!

A big "Thank you" goes out to the Eastern Fremont Rotary for giving all Fremont RE-2 School District 3rd graders a dictonary.

Over 1200 meals were served between Fremont Elementary School and Penrose Elementary School. Great job Mandee Campbell, Director of Nutrition Services, and the Nutrition Services staff!!!


 Newmont Mine presented the School District with a check for $5,000!
Thank you!

Penrose Preschool will be opening their doors in January 7, 2019. An open house will be hosted on January 8, 2019 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Information on how to register your child will be released early December.


Students from FES & PES joined other students from the region for an enrichment opportunity. Students were introduced and participated in Science, Math & Technology robotic activities.
Fremont Middle School held Family Fun Fest on Thursday, November 1 to build student and family engagement within the school. Activities were designed to support a sense of community, having fun while learning, and bring families together.


Fremont RE-2 students are collecting food for Loaves & Fishes and the FHS Food Pantry through December 13th. Please drop your donations off at with the FHS Counseling Office or Florence City Hall.

Fremont Middle School Facility Talking Points
Issue: Safety and Accessible for all students
Board Direction: Begin the process to realign middle grades programming for fall 2019

Fremont middle school campus: 
·       Built in 1919 as the Florence High School. 
·       Middle school grades (6, 7, 8) moved into the building in 2006-07.
·       The campus consists of the main building and an annex building connected to a gym. The main building and the annex building are separated by a paved courtyard space. The courtyard space is also used for maintenance and kitchen delivery. The courtyard space provides the only handicapped accessible entrance/exit in the main building.

The main building was significantly remodeled in 1978 with the addition of a floor in the auditorium, new windows, interior finishes, and some system upgrades. The main systems throughout the campus are antiquated and inadequate to meet today’s standards. In 2004 an elevator was installed in the main building at the north end of the hallway.

Sources of information:
·       Fremont Re-2 Facilities Master Plan by SlaterPaull Architects, April 2010
·       State ADA Assessment, 2000
·       District facilities and maintenance department records
·       Observation and feedback

Accessibility challenges
·       In 2010, handicap accessibility was noted as a specific area of concern and remains true today. 
·       There are no ADA compliant plumbing fixtures in the public toilets. None of the restrooms in the main or annex building are fully ADA compliant. Nor do they meet modern water conservation requirements.
·       There are no student/staff ADA compliant toilets in the main building.
·       The front entrance of the main building is not handicapped accessible.
·       Interior door hardware is not ADA compliant in either the main or annex building. The classroom doors are not ADA compliant because of the hardware and the lack of proper door clearance.
·       The annex building is not currently accessible between floors without going outside.
·       There is no elevator in the annex building.
·       Room 100 in the main building is not ADA accessible, i.e. 7 th grade science is not accessible to all students.
·       Evacuation systems are compromised due to ADA compliance challenges.

For the 2018-19 school year program modification were created to provide special education programming under more conducive learning environment. The resulting cost will be $96,000 in annual reoccurring costs and has presented challenges for students and staff. The district is projecting an increase in the number of students in near and distant future at the middle school level that require ADA compliant facilities.

Educational programming challenges:
·       6 th grade is primarily held in the annex. In 2010, the space was deemed inadequate and was identified to be demolished. The main building was identified as needing improvements to increase safety and healthy environment.
·       Current programming requires students to routinely move between the main building and the annex.
·       Classrooms in the annex are inadequately sized for 6 th grade students. 
·       Classroom 100 in the main building main building is not accessible to all students.

Safety challenges
·       The buildings at the middle school are not fire-sprinkled.
·       Supervision across the campus is challenging due to programming being dispersed across the campus.
Evacuation systems are compromised due to ADA compliance challenges.

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