51st Annual French Festival
in Downtown Cape Vincent July 13 & 14, 2019
As mentioned in our previous email , the French Festival Committee is working on new ways to improve the event and placement of vendors. Based on suggestions from many vendors we are planning to separate the buy-and-sell vendors from the handmade/artisan vendors. Child-friendly vendors will also have the option of being placed around the Village Green where we are working on more and better children's entertainment for both Saturday and especially Sunday. The Village Green is also where the buy/sell vendors will be localized. Food vendors will be dispersed but in groups to create small food courts throughout the festival. This will help keep long lines from blocking shoppers that are visiting other vendor booths.
All vendor spaces that have been occupied in the past are still available with the exception of the Village Green. The committee has a lot of great plans for the Green that we'll be sharing with you soon!
Do you like the idea of separating the buy/sell vendors from the handmade vendors?
Buy-and-Sell Vendors may be concerned with moving to a location where their usual customers can't find them. One solution to this is to have a vendor map printed in our event guide. Each vendor will be numbered on the map and listed in the key. We will also publicize this well in advance on our website and social media leading up to the event.

All vendors should expect a welcome packet when checking in that will include the following year's application, our event guide and several copies of the map to help event-goers find their way.
The map shown is not an indication of vendor layout - this is just an example of what the map will look like with numbering. The blue "river" space on the left page and the entire right page will list each vendor - handmade, food & buy/sell.
To address concerns that the French Festival is moving toward a juried-only artist and craft show - in short, we are not. While it is a goal of ours to increase the number of handmade vendors we have no plans of denying space to other vendors who apply, now or in the future. French Festival Co-chairs - Nicole Paratore and Kathleen Bonney, the Cape Vincent Chamber of Commerce Executive Director - Shelley Higgins, and myself have all agreed on this. And as our Director has pointed out, French Festival has tried a 100% juried show in the past, it amounted to a loss of 30 vendors - a scenario we're not interested in repeating.
Other concerns:
If your artistry requires printing to obtain a final product - writers, photographers, etc. - you are still considered "handmade."
Any buy/sell vendors that would like to sell "French Festival" merchandise:
  • please request our official logo each year
  • please do not brand the same items as the Festival - t-shirts & tote bags
We will pay special attention to making sure vendors with similar products are not grouped together.
Our previous vendor coordinator did not pass along the layout
of vendors - only which street you were placed on.
Please print THIS MAP , mark your preferred location - include your name - and
either mail or scan and email it back to us.
Please continue to respond with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time,

Stacie Luchini
French Festival Vendor Coordinator

Nicole Paratore & Kathleen Bonney
French Festival Co-Chairs