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Tembua - The Precision Language Solution
"The smaller our world becomes, the more important it is that we understand each other."
--Patricia May, CEO & President of Tembua

Part of the excitement of facilitating a multi-lingual conference for our clients is knowing that anything can happen. We don't fear the unknown because we know we're prepared for it. With talented interpreters at the top of their careers, expecting the unexpected and making sure conferences sail through smoothly is what sets us apart. In this newsletter, read about how we're prepared for anything that can happen during a typical conference. 
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Thank You,

Patricia May - CEO
Why Can't I Hear the French in Room #5?


"Why isn't there Japanese in Room 5?"


"This thing is dead. Give me new batteries! I only hear German. I asked for an Arabic unit!"


I lean against the foyer wall and watch Tembua's staff handle the flood of conference attendees picking up interpreting equipment.

Our company owns state-of-the-art digital interpreting equipment. That means interpreter control panels, transceivers, receivers, and many, many headsets. We rent out the equipment to other companies, but in this case Tembua is providing all the equipment and all the interpreters.


"Can I pick up all the equipment for my group and keep it for the entire week?"


Along with the electronics, Tembua also owns tabletop interpreting booths. These are three-sided roofed enclosures, each accommodating two interpreters. The booths help shield the interpreters from ambient noise and also isolate their constant stream of speech from people in the back of the room.


For this conference, we've set up for six languages, an average number. An earlier walk-through with the conference audio manager identified the best placement for the booths, one booth per language. The staff has brought pipe-and-drape to set up next to and between the booths to further muffle the sound.


"How come Finnish isn't on the language list? My grandmother spoke Finnish and I'll bet I could do Finnish for you!"


Read more to learn about how Tembua is prepared for everything that might happen during a multi-lingual conference!

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Customer Spotlight:
LifeScience Alley

Tembua enjoys working with LifeScience Alley because their mission lines up nicely withour own: helping businesses succeed. Our work, both with the organization itself and its members, allows us to contribute towards propagating information in the biomedical arena through our translations. 

LifeScience Alley Vision

To grow and secure Minnesota's position as a global leader in the life sciences. 


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