Farran Technology has partnered with Copper Mountain Technologies to create the CobaltFx series of accurate, compact and affordable VNA test solutions from 18GHz up to 110GHz.

Extend Your Reach
The CobaltFx FET1854 Frequency Extension System allows users to build a scalable and affordable 5G testing solution. Anchored by a 2- or 4-port 9 or 20 GHz USB vector network analyser, it has a standard frequency range of 18 - 54 GHz.
To further extend your frequency range, CobaltFx's high dynamic range allow for highly accurate and stable millimeter-wave S-parameter measurements in three dedicated waveguide bands 50-75 GHz, 60-90 GHz and 75-110 GHz.
CobaltFx offers an unparalleled combination of price, performance, flexibility and size.
The VNA used in this system fast sweep speeds down to 10 microseconds per point and a dynamic range of up to 162 dB, all comprised in a compact, USB form factor.
The extenders are packaged in small and versatile enclosures, allowing for flexible port arrangements with respect to the waveguide. Waveguide ports are manufactured in accordance to the new IEEE 1785-2a standard. The system comes with a precision calibration kit containing flush short, offset piece and broadband load and allows for full 12-term port calibration.
This product makes mm-Wave measurements affordable.  This is a revolutionary product that brings mmWave measurement capability to the commercial and price sensitive/price-conscious mmWave customer. 
Technically comparable to all current mmWave VNA solutions/offerings from the major OEMs', this makes mmWave testing affordable, with savings of up to 50% compared to current mmWave test solutions.

System Operating Frequency
18 GHz - 54 GHz
50 GHz - 75 GHz
60 GHz - 90 GHz
75 GHz - 110 GHz
Test Port Output Power
-20 dBm to +3 dBm
5 dBm (Min), 8 dBm (Typ)
2 dBm (min), 5 dBm (Typ)
0 dBm (Min), 5 dBm (Typ)
System Dynamic Range
123 dB (Min), 130 dB (Typ.)
110 dB (Min), 120 dB (Typ)
100 dB (Min), 110 dB (Typ)
100 dB (Min), 110 dB (Typ)

Applications Include:
  • Material Characterisation.
  • 5G Applications.
  • WiGig at 60GHz.
  • Backhaul at 70 & 80GHz.
  • Automotive Radar and Sensor Testing.
  • On Wafer S-Parameter Measurements.
  • Bench-top DUT Characterisation.
  • Antenna Range Measurements.
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