PLEASE NOTE: THE NAME ON THE APPLICATION MUST BE THE STUDENT'S NAME. Please encourage your students to fill out the application. The application WILL NOT populate if you are logged in under a parent account.

Q: What are the scholarship eligibility requirements? 
A: Students must be of at least 25% Italian heritage, maintain a 3.5 GPA or above, and be an incoming high school or college freshman, or a first-year medical school student. 

Q: Are the scholarships limited to specific schools only? 
A: Please view this PDF for the list of awards available at specific schools. As you will see, at the bottom of each section, there is a number of “unrestricted” awards. This means a student can go to any school they please. 
Q: What are the award amounts? 
A: The amounts vary per award; however, the most common scholarship awards we give out are $5,000 or $6,250 per year. 

Q: Is there a certain amount of money my family might make that would disqualify me from receiving an award? 
A: Our scholarships are need-based, but we no longer have a specific income cap. We use calculations based on FAFSA and Expected Family Contribution to allow students to present information in the same format submitted to the high schools and colleges they hope to attend. We understand that your family may have special circumstances that make paying for school difficult. Each applicant has the opportunity to describe their needs and explain what barriers they may have to pay for school.

Q: Can I apply if I am not an incoming freshman? 
A: No. Our scholarships are four-year awards and students must be incoming freshmen to receive the award. We do not have awards for those who have already completed a portion of their high school, college, or medical school studies. 

Q: When do students receive the award and what can it be used for? 
A: We send out award funds directly to the school at the beginning of each fall semester. The awards are to be used for tuition only.