April 2016
Fresh Activities in Spring
Have you been enjoying spring as much as we have? HOPE Collaborative has exciting events coming up, and we hope you'll come out and join us!

While it's beautiful outside, some serious issues continue in Oakland. Long-term residents are being displaced, including one of our own in the HOPE community. Paula Beal has been involved with HOPE Collaborative since 2007, helping launch the Healthy Corner Store Project and now serving on the Steering Committee. Paula has been a community activist for over 40 years, making huge impact in social equity, women's rights, food justice, mental health services, and more. And now she needs the kind of unwavering help and support she has offered to the community for so long. Please learn more about Paula and fighting with love in HOPE Voices, and make a donation to keep a roof over Paula's head here. Thank you for your love and support.
Built Environment
Earth Day in Elmhurst - Saturday, April 23
Earth Day 2015
It's spring time which means the sun is shining and planting season has started. HOPE invites partners to enjoy the amazing weather and celebrate Earth Day on Saturday April 23, 10am to 3pm. Along with Acta Non Verba and Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), HOPE Collaborative is hosting a day of environmental service and fun in the Elmhurst neighborhood.  Activities include a bounce house, bilingual DJ, service work, and multiple tablers providing information on sustainability as well as some selling local products.

Morning registration starts at 10am at the Tassafaronga Recreation Center ( 975 85th Ave, Oakland, CA 94621 ). Last year, the event had great participation with local parents and youth supporting the service projects and enjoying the games. To build on past events, please consider joining us this year on Saturday April 23. Also, share this announcement with partners. Interested volunteers please contact Ruben at ruben@hopecollaborative.net or at 510.444.4295. 
Food Systems
Taste Test Tuesdays

Starting every Third Tuesday we will be hosting taste testings at all three of our corner stores. The goal of this series of events is to introduce the community to the new and healthy foods our corner stores are selling, and to share the work of the HOPE Healthy Corner Store Project. We hope you'll join us for delicious food and fun times at Taste Test Tuesdays!

When: Every third Tuesday from 4:00pm - 6:00pm, starting on April 19th
Where: One Stop @ 84th Ave & International Blvd, Three Amigos @ 13th Ave & Foothill Blvd, Sunbeam Market @ 14th St & Adeline St
RSVP: Nope...come on down!
KivaZip Launch Party & Success for Healthy Corner Store Project
by Erica Tan, Food Systems Intern
Colorful displays spilled into one another. To our left: delicious juices, teas and vegan pastries. To our right: homemade soaps, skin creams and clothes in all shapes and colors. A hundred people gathered in the green colored room, which was filled with glowing lights and the warm scent of freshly made waffles. The chatting was light-hearted and eager. "So what's your story?" "How did you learn to make this?" "What's next?" 

  In March, I had the rare pleasure of tabling alongside healthy corner store owner, Abdu Abdulalim and HOPE staff, Brytanee Brown and Angela Hadwin, at Kiva's Oakland Launch Party, a showcase of the city's best and craftiest small business owners. The Museum of California's transformation into a teeming marketplace was indeed extraordinary, but not as extraordinary as the local artisans and change-makers (like Abdu) who made it come alive with their diverse stories and wares. Abdu, while shy at first, was quickly able to warm up to our neighbors and the potential lenders circling the room. Judging purely as an observer, I can confidently say he made quite the impression!
The evidence is in the numbers too: Abdu has already reached his $10,000 loan goal (three weeks ahead of schedule)! Thank you so much to all of the generous supporters of Abdu's campaign to fund improvements at his store Three Amigos! We couldn't have done it without you.

For those of you who don't know, Kiva is an online, micro-lending platform that allows entrepreneurs to access 0% interest loans from their closest friends, family and even strangers halfway across the world. Thanks to Kiva, we have been able to spread the mission of HOPE and the Healthy Corner Stores Project to a global audience or "family" as Abdu would say.

Stay up-to-date on Abdu's journey by liking the Three Amigos Market Facebook page.
Oakland Sugar Sweetened Beverage Distributors Tax
by Diane Woloshin
On  May 3rd, the Oakland City Council will vote on placing a Sugar Sweetened Beverage Distributors Tax on the November 2016 ballot.  This tax measure will help raise awareness, decrease consumption, and provide funding for community programs that combat the impact of sugary drinks.

The measure is supported by the  Coalition for Healthy Oakland Children, a broad coalition  of concerned public health professionals, elected officials, parents, faith and community leaders and concerned residents pulling together to address the diabetes crisis and other chronic diseases related to sugary beverages and to improve health through education and the passage of health policy.  While the industry is worried about their profits, coalition members are worried about the health and future of our next generation.
We need your voice!! Come out and support this measure at the Oakland City Council meeting on May 3 rd.   For more information visit:  www.yes4healthyoaklandchildren.com

Sweetened Beverages Not All Sweet
by Leon Davis, HOPE Steering Committee Co-Chair, Executive Committee member, and Project Leader
On April 7th, I went to Frank Ogawa Plaza, home to Oakland's City Council, determined to have its members hear my voice for putting the Sweetened Beverage Excise Tax on the November 2016 ballot.

The reasons I felt so determined are multiple:
As a Father looking out for the health of future generations,
As Chair of HOPE Collaborative performing my professional duty to represent our official position on the issue,
As a Project Leader involved in healthy corner stores work knowing the impact the Excise Tax would have, and because I've seen first hand how our neighboring city Berkeley after only 3 months of passing their Excise Tax, has seen "retail prices increased more in Berkeley than in nearby cities, marking a step in the causal pathway between the tax and reduced sugar sweetened beverages consumption."

Having waited all day, the city council finally took up the Sweetened Beverage Excise Tax around noon. I was surprisingly encouraged when I saw the issue had more people speaking about it (35) than all the other agenda items combined.  One of the exchanges I found particularly interesting was that of someone against the tax saying "If we gonna listen to politicians tell us how to be healthy, then we ought to tax all sorts of stuff: donuts and cakes, not just sodas."

However there were those in favor of the tax, pointing out the medically scientific fact that the sugary beverage sweetener sugars are different than other types of sugars by going straight to your liver with no health benefits such as fiber and other qualities that can be derived from other sugars.

Read the rest of the story on our website at HOPE Voices.